A Bunch Of Conservative Sites Fell For A Hoax Claiming Obama Will Move To Canada If Trump Wins

    Obama already announced he will stay in D.C. after the election.

    Some conservative websites are celebrating — and spreading — a report that President Obama and his family will move to Canada if Trump wins the election. World News Politics ran the story and shared it with its more than 300,000 Facebook fans.

    The claim made its way to several other conservative websites, and their stories are getting tens of thousands of Facebook shares, likes, and comments.

    They all fell for a hoax. First, Obama already announced he plans to stay in Washington after the election. Second, the claim originated on a Canadian fake news/satire website called the Burrard Street Journal (that's BS Journal for short).

    That site had another recent hit with a hoax about Trump saying that the US "should never have given Canada its independence."

    The articles repeating the Obama hoax as true are getting tens of thousands of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook. People actually believe this will happen. This conservative Facebook page got over 3,000 shares when it posted the false World News Politics story.

    This isn't the first time someone tried the Obama-moving-to Canada hoax. Two Canadian teenagers who run a group of fake news websites and were the subject of a BuzzFeed News report tried the exact same thing back in March.