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    Here's What We Actually Know About The Dangers Of Pot

    As told by real scientists who evaluated real scientific research and oh my god is anyone else hungry?

    Pot is a gateway drug. Pot is as addictive as heroin. These and other claims are constantly repeated. But are they true? A group of scientists has some answers.

    1. No, pot is not a gateway drug.

    2. Marijuana has gotten 300% stronger over the past 30 years — but only in some places.

    3. No, marijuana is not as addictive as heroin.

    4. No, marijuana does not cause schizophrenia.

    5. Marijuana impairs some cognitive functions, but the effects vary by person.

    6. No, marijuana does not cause lethal damage to the heart and lungs.

    More detailed information, including a list of the papers that were reviewed and cited by the ICSDP, is available here.