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A Man Is Using Facebook To Try And Find The Owner Of These Lost Canadian War Medals

"If I can get them to the right people I would feel fantastic about that. To me that’s the game."

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Jeanne Bokesch was cleaning out an old desk she'd bought in Montreal when she discovered a box inside containing four war medals. She and her husband Martin knew they needed to find the rightful owner, so he posted the medals to Facebook.

His post has since been shared more than 30,000 times, and hundreds of people have reached out to help identify the medals, and their possible owner. "This has really taken on a life of its own," Bokesch told BuzzFeed Canada.

Bokesch is frantically trying to keep track of all the leads and pieces of information people are sending along. "I have a spreadsheet that's pages and pages long," he said. "I’m not a very good detective, but I may be by the end of this."

Martin Bokesch / Via

Bokesch realizes that with Remembrance Day happening soon his post and attempt to find a home for the medals "would definitely be pulling a lot of heartstrings.

"But for me it's more, 'Let’s find the proper home'," he said. "If I can get them to the right people I would feel fantastic about that. To me that’s the game."

One promising lead is the box. It has two names on it: "J. Nicholls" and one "Dorothy I. Priest" of Timmins, Ontario. Bokesch said he's found "the daughter of the woman whose name is on the box," and that they will be speaking soon.

Martin Bokesch / Via

Bokesch said he's a private person and isn't a fan of all the attention his medal search has generated. (When we spoke, a CTV camera crew was setting up, and one from Global was due to arrive a little bit later.)

"It’s all about medals," he said. "I’m really reeling from all of this right now."

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