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A Muslim Man In Alberta Was Told To "Go Back" And Had His Trucks Set On Fire

"I understand the times are tough, but this doesn’t mean people can go out and hurt people."

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Last week Abdul Mian discovered someone had spray painted "go back!" on his family's garage door in Kitscoty, Alberta. He painted over the "very disturbing" message and put up two Canadian flags to show his love for the country he immigrated to in 1997.

Then, early Sunday morning, he was woken up by firefighters. Two of his trucks had been set on fire and were total wrecks. Mian posted on Facebook that he's "Worked really hard for [the] past 5 1/2 years and [I'm] still working with 100% honesty and ethics."

Abdul Mian / Via

He uses the two trucks to provide oilfield services. Mian is shocked by what happened, and told the media he has no idea why someone would do this.

“Everybody loves me here, as far as I know … until now,” Mian told Metro Calgary. “I love this community. I understand the times are tough, but this doesn’t mean people can go out and hurt people. This was uncalled for.”

Word continued to spread around the community about what had happened to Mian's family. Some staff and students at Kitscoty Elementary School signed a card, and wrote in a note that the school "stands together with the Mian family and their friends."

Mian was clearly touched. "People have called us to help [by] watching our house so we can sleep, we have been offered food, accommodation and all kinds of help and support," he wrote when sharing the message and card from the school.

"We don't have words to thank everyone ... God Bless every one. It is an honor to be a Canadian."

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