The Weather Is So Bad In Newfoundland That Police Arrested A Weatherman

    Don't ever change, Newfoundland.

    The weather in Newfoundland has been total crap this July. Day after day, local CBC weather guy Ryan Snoddon brings news of clouds, rain, and sadness.

    #NLwx Sunday: Clouds dominate across the Island. Northerly winds keep temps cool, Central/NE. East Labrador Sun/Cloud

    #NLwx Weekend: Onshore winds set to dominate yet again along the Atlantic Coast, bringing cool temps & patchy drizzle

    Mmm love that patchy drizzle.

    LAB #NLwx Saturday: Cloudy with showers in the West. Showers clearing in the North & Central. Unsettled in the SE.

    Cloudy, showers, and...unsettled? Make up your damn mind, Newfoundland weather!

    This guy checked his weather app and fainted from confusion.

    WTF kind of July fog is this?

    Kenmount is spooky this morning, please to turn on headlights! #nlwx #silenthill

    And what does "taste of humidity" even mean, Ryan Snoddon?

    Nfld #NLwx Wed: Claudette brings showers & risk of t-storms in East. West showers & sun breaks. Taste of humidity.

    What a tease.

    Earlier in the month, Snoddon tried to put a brave face on the low temps. "Two weeks ago, I wrote a column that said that we shouldn't give up on July just yet," he wrote recently. "There were a few recent examples of previous Julys which had started slow yet still finished nicely.

    But now he's now given in to the inevitable:

    Well, here we are, two weeks later, two chilly weekends have gone by, and July of 2015 is slowly and steadily inching closer to becoming one for the record books …for all the wrong reasons.

    This year's shiteous mess of cool temps and cloudy nothingness is causing people to bundle up at the beach. Won't somebody think of the children?

    @cecilhaire @sjmorningshow Froze to death on the beach in July

    But this is Newfoundland, so people are having fun with the whole depressing thing — and with Snoddon.

    Just found @ryansnoddon and the CBC crew preparing the latest #nlwx forecast

    The CBC is also embracing the awfulness. It asked people to come up with new names for July.

    New name for this July? Here are a few suggestions from you folks. Keep them coming at: #nlwx

    JuCRY, you guys.

    It ran a contest that asked people to describe the summer in one word. Winners got this snazzy Snoddon T-shirt.

    Facebook: cbcnl

    Note that she is wearing long sleeves under the shirt. It's cold, yo.

    But now things have taken a serious turn. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary issued an official media release for a "Missing Season — SUMMER."

    Roughly 45 minutes after issuing the release, Snoddon was taken away for crimes against Newfoundland weather.

    Yes, that's NL's most-wanted @ryansnoddon being taken away by @RNC_PoliceNL for crimes against #nlwx

    Here's the full video of his arrest.

    Facebook: video.php

    The RNC then said they are going after the other weatherman of interest.

    One down... One to go! #nlwx We're coming for you next @EddieSheerr...

    Snoddon remains in custody at this time.

    Sooo.. will @ryansnoddon deliver the forecast from behind bars tonight? Tune in at 5:30NT to find out #nlwx

    As for the weather? It still sucks.

    I refused to turn the heat on so far this summer but had to give in today #nlwx #whereisummer #froze

    Newfoundland: where the weather is shit but the people are amazing.