Canadians Are Completely Nerding Out On The Long-Form Census

    We are a country of keeners and very proud of it.

    The long-form census is back in Canada for the first time in a decade and 👏 people 👏 are 👏 pumped to fill out a detailed government form. Statistics!

    Census! Census! Gonna fill out the census! Everybody's looking forward to statistics! #Census2016

    It's lit!

    long form census!!!!!! it's lit!!!!!

    Bring on the nerdy hashtag puns!

    People of the world, tonight Canadians are geeking out about filling out the #Census2016. I love this nation of nerds. #ItMakesCensus

    This couple made it romantic.

    @timtomch Yes, tonight Scott turned to me fondly and said "Well Hon, shall we go upstairs and fill out our #Census ?"

    While this guy was ready to throw down two beers in the name of good data.

    Another wild night. Going to have a beer & fill out the census. Or maybe celebrate with a beer after. So many decisions.

    How excited was this woman?

    so excited to fill out my first ever census!! #Census2016

    Well, here's a sample of how many tweets she had today about the census.

    And here's how many she sent today about getting engaged.

    (Congrats, Emily!)

    She wasn't alone. So many Canadians were Down To Fill out the census that they crashed the government's website.

    Canadians have crashed the census page. Canada: YOU ARE A PACK OF DANG NERDS

    Seriously: What kind of nation gets so excited to fill out a census, it breaks the website? What is wrong with us? (the answer is nothing)

    Never been so excited to fill out a census; and I get the feeling a lot of people feel the same. Page keeps crashing. #Census2016 #GoodData

    StatsCan later confirmed the site was down for 45 minutes thanks to our "enthusiasm." 😂 🇨🇦

    StatsCan confirms to CBC News that service to census website was interrupted for 45 min. last night. Thanks Canadians for 'enthusiasm.' #hw

    For this woman, filling out her first long-form census was a moment she will never forget.

    Hi. My name is Mikaela and I'm officially an adult because I filled out my first census 👋🏼