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A Guy Lost His Phone In A River And Weeks Later It Mysteriously Posted Facebook Pics

The phone told its owner it was winning at ping-pong, "getting jacked" in the weight room.

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Calgary's Nathan Buhler was out on the Bow River with friends when their music suddenly stopped. He realized his phone had fallen into the river. Bye bye, phone :(

"I didn't even bother looking for it," he told CBC News. "Even if I found it, it wouldn't work."

About two weeks later, a photo mysteriously appeared on his Facebook profile. It showed a group of smiling firefighters. The post was attributed to Buhler himself, meaning someone had access to his profile.

"We found your phone its currently at #1 firehall," read the message with the photo.


"I was shocked at first," Buhler told BuzzFeed Canada.

He assumed someone was pranking him.

People began commenting on the photo, wondering what was happening. Everyone was puzzled at first. Then they were amazed.

“My girlfriend sent me a text yesterday and said, ‘Have you seen your Facebook status?’” he told the Calgary Sun. “I said, 'Of course I have, I’m the one who writes them.'”

Then more photos were added to thread. The phone was alive!

The phone said it had been driving a fire truck and using the hose.


"Hey Nathan look at me getting jacked."

Lookin' good, terrifying phone!

After spending 10 days submerged in the Bow River, Buhler's phone had been found by a firefighter. And it still worked!

"A guy was paddle boarding on the bow river looked down and saw the phone," Buhler said in a Facebook comment. "He grabbed it brought it home aired it out for 30 hours then charged it and it works."

A firefighter then used the phone to post to Buhler's profile. He and his colleagues also informed Buhler that they had christened the phone "Hector Sanchez."

"I shall refer to my cellular device henceforth as Hector," Buhler said.


Buhler arrived at Calgary fire station No. 1, as directed. "Hello, I'm looking for Hector Sanchez," he said. They gave him the phone and everyone posed for a pic.

Nathan Buhler / Via

"All around pretty cool thing to have a phone returned that was missing for 15 days," Buhler posted on Facebook. "Huge thanks to Calgary fire department for saving not just lives! The guys had a bit of fun with it to that was appreciated by many!"

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