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    These Adorable Baby Beavers Will Melt Your Dam Heart

    The rescue centre placed the kits in an incubator, and now bottle feeds them several times a day.

    A few weeks ago a group of hunters walked into the Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, and dropped off four tiny beaver kits who were badly in need of help.

    "We placed them in an incubator right away to raise their body temperature and then administered electrolyte fluids for rehydration," Lawrence said, adding that the kits are now in great shape.

    "Beaver kits are fairly social with each other so they spend a lot of time wrestling with each other when they're not sleeping," she said. Beaver wrestling!

    She said they will stay at the centre until they are two years old, as that's the natural age when beavers "venture out to establish their own territory and find a mate."

    "Did you know that beavers mate for life?" she said, reminding us all that beavers are majestic monogamous creatures from the magical land of Canada.