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These American Tourists Were Delightfully Puzzled By Awesome Canadian Road Signs

Fiddleheads ahead.

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Ty Burr is The Boston Globe's film critic. He and his wife recently took a vacation in New Brunswick. "Gorgeous country, and I suggest you check it out if you haven’t already," he wrote in a column.

Ty Burr

They enjoyed the camping trip, but it wasn't the scenery or people that stood out. Kilometre after kilometre they encountered road signs that left them puzzled.

"So we did what any sensible tourist would do," Burr wrote. "We made stuff up."

Here are five New Brunswick road signs, as interpreted by the Burrs. Read his column for the full list.

"A man is dreaming about being an egg. Or an egg is dreaming about being a man. Which came first? Philosophical quandaries addressed at the Inter-Province Deconstruction Centre, 2 km."

Ty Burr / Boston Globe

What it actually is: A sign telling people that bed and breakfasts are in the area.


"Should you happen to die during your visit to Canada, we will ship your remains home in a decorative urn made by one of our many talented local artisans."

Ty Burr / Boston Globe

What it actually is: A sign indicating the presence of local artisans.

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