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I Need For Us All To Start Speaking About Her

Allow me to introduce KZ

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And whilst Jessie is killing - and I mean KILLING IT, she is SLAYING IT. Coming out number one or two each week!


When you are done with watching all of the linked videos below - you can thank me in the comments, you should check out all of JJ's performances. Stand outs for me are 'My Heart Will Go On' and 'I Have Nothing' - I am a sucker for a power ballad and I am not afraid to show it.

Think you know 'Rolling in the Deep'? Think again.

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I mean!? Pick me up off the floor after that rap!

Think you know 'Royal'? Think again.

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Sorry Lorde, you can keep singing about your green light - KZ got this one.

Think you know 'Say Something'? Think again.

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If you don't cry then you have no soul - this is the official test.

Now for your history lesson ...


Kristine Zhenie Lobrigas Tandingan also known as KZ, was born in 1992. She won The X Factor Philippines in 2012. In 2018, she entered the Chinese singing competition imaginatively named 'Singer 2018'. SPOILER ALERT! She is currently out of the competition - sad face emoji. However, she left her stamp on the competition and more importantly on me! And now you!

She deserves our attention!


Let's get here over here! I will be front row, stanning until the last note! My aim to you is to talk about her until you annoy your Mother, until your Father leaves the room, until your friends stop answering your calls. Your sacrifice is your gift to the world.

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