The 13 Most Inspiring Moments From This Season Of “The X Factor”

Grab your tissues, you’re about to get some major feels. Revisit some of the most moving moments from The X Factor, airing on FOX Wednesdays & Thursdays at 8/7c, brought to you by COVERGIRL.

1. When David proposed to his girlfriend Lauren in front of the whole world.

FOX / Via

See the joyful moment for yourself here.

2. When Rion blew the judges away with her first performance.

FOX / Via

See her inspiring display of strength and talent for yourself here.

3. When Lillie McCloud’s audition brought Demi to tears.

Watching Lillie McCloud’s audition was really emotional, but thankfully her makeup didn’t budge!

4. When Jeff Gutt performed a moving rendition of Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah.”

FOX / Via

It brought the house down.

5. When Lillie saw herself as the beautiful powerhouse she is after her makeover.


6. When Alex and Sierra shared this tender moment.

7. When Rion was eliminated, but comforted her competitor.

FOX / Via

She’s such a stand-up gal.

8. When Lillie sounded like an angel.

FOX / Via

And had a look to match.

9. When hardworking father James Kenney shared with the judges what keeps him going.

FOX / Via

And earned a chair on stage with the finalists.

10. Whenever Demi and Paulina hugged it out.


11. When Restless Road sang in the rain.

FOX / Via

It almost felt like the viewers at home needed an umbrella.

12. And Carlito fearlessly went into the audience to plead for his right to stay.

FOX / Via

He gave that lady the vapors.

13. When Kelly broke down and told Jeff how much respect she had for him.

FOX / Via

Not only as a singer, but also as a father. And not one iota of mascara ran!

14. When Rion saw herself for the first time after her makeover.

And a collective “Awwwww” was heard around the world.

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