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Apply The Number 100 And Eliminate Your Wedding Stress!

After you are married, the only numbers that you may vividly remember are your wedding/anniversary date, and the amount of money you spent on your wedding. The former consists of numbers of great significance and you would not change them for the world, but the latter can be controlled. That amount can be controlled by another number- 100.

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100 guests is a great starting point for a couple to begin creating their guest list. After all isn't marriage all about a 50/50 relationship?

Beginning with 50 potential guests each can eliminate long lost family members, and frenemys from being an issue down the line. It really is not hard at all to think of 50 people that you MUST have attend your wedding. When either you or your spouse to be have to ask the other who someone is, it should be a no brainer to put that person on a B-List.

100 guests seems to be the gauge that wedding vendors use to grasp the magnitude of your wedding. For caterers, 100 may be a minimum, and a good starting point for negotiating pricing. For wedding planners, this number can provide insight into knowing if he/she may need an assistant for the day, this applies to photographers as well.

$100/Person / Via Google Images

Picturesque wedding designs, such as the one pictured can probably cost a pretty penny. When those expenses are added to food and beverage costs a couple can easily reach $100/person in wedding costs, possibly more with more intricate details. Usually brides and grooms get a PPA (Per person average) strictly for the food and beverage which averages $75/person. However, many fail to add all event costs; Uplights, table linen, centerpieces, favors, etc to obtain a true PPA. When planning your wedding begin with a PPA budget that you don't want to exceed, and plan accordingly.

100 Hours Planning

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Wedding planning can CONSUME your free time. You can plan efficiently without having it take over your life. Commit to 100 hours of true planning so that you do not overwhelm yourself, or family and friends.

100 x 100 = A Very Workable Wedding Budget

This price is VERY reasonable, considering the average wedding today costs over $30,000! Be realistic with yourself and your bae, and plan accordingly.

Invite the true 100 gems in your life.

Allot $100 to every guests so that they can experience a party fit for you!

100 Meltdowns

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Even using the 100 x 100 method, meltdowns will arise. Some will be minor, while others may have you questioning a person's status in your life. The meltdowns will come, but bounce back and remember the end result...

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