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Should I Stay Or Should I Go...To My Wedding Reception?!

Weddings are becoming more unconventional every year. It's time to address the pros and cons of having a wedding in a single location

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You've said your I Dos, your wedding party has exited the ceremony space, everyone is awaiting your arrival, and are ready to take photos, but where do you go next?

Is your ceremony site the same as your reception, or are you loading up vehicles to head to the next destination?


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Guest Can Stay In One Place

If you choose one location for your wedding ceremony and another for your reception, you allow your guests to arrive at one location and stay there! Traffic could derail plans, guests can get lost, and even worse- guests can possible get in an accident traveling from one location to the next, if you choose multiple locations for your wedding activities.


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You Have to Get Creative In One Space

By choosing a single location for your wedding ceremony and reception, you may have to get creative. What if the space is not large enough to have the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all set up at once, and you have to endure room flips? Will you entertain you guests during those times?

What if it rains, or the weather does not allow guests to be outside during space flips, where will guests remain?

What if the space is large enough to have all three activities set up, but you don't want guests to see any one space before a big reveal, and the element of surprise gets ruined in some way?

Do you have the creativity to adequately host your dream wedding in one space?



Cost Efficiency

Choosing to host your wedding in a single location can prove to be very cost effective. You eliminate rental fees for two venues, you reduce transportation costs, and you save on having to decorate two spaces.



Very Unlikely Circumstances Can Occur

By selecting a single location for your wedding, you really do not have a back up plan if anything happens to that ONE venue. If the place abruptly goes out of business, or faces a freak accident or disaster you lose your wedding venue.



You Eliminate Guess Work In Finding a Date that Works for TWO Venues

When I was younger I thought it would be a great idea to get married in the same church that my parents did. However, I did not want my reception to be in a church and face possible music, dress code, and beverage restrictions. Therefore I'd have to find a reception location that is near the church AND available for the same date that the church is. Personally, that is a few too many steps for me, and choosing a single location eliminates many tasks in one stop!



You Lose A Bit of Tradition

Some little girls dream of getting married in a church, however sometimes it just isn't feasible to hold both a wedding ceremony AND reception at a church. So you may lose that aspect of tradition and religion, should you choose a single location wedding site.

Find the BEST Location For You

If a single location is ideal for you, there are a few tips to consider to find the best venue for your big day!

* Find a space large enough to accommodate separate spaces for the ceremony and reception, without having to flip a room.

* Consider saving by selecting a chic hotel for your wedding, and booking rooms there as well.

* Find a true one stop shoe venue that provide food and beverage services, decor, and a usable sound system.

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