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Saving When Wedding Planning

So you're planning a wedding, but you want to save? Ask yourself TWO important questions to properly do so!

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Question #1



Which of your senses would you like to be evoked?

Taste & Smells

The Food and Beverage Service

Would you like your wedding to have the most delectable meal imagined?


The Music

Do you want your guests to dance and party the night away?


The Decor and/or Overall Look & Styling

Are you looking to blow everyone away when they see you and your fabulous wedding?


My Guests and/or The Ceremony

Is it all about truly cherishing the day, and tugging on a few heartstrings?

After identifying the MOST important element(s) of your wedding, you can then pinpoint areas that you don't mind cutting back on to save.

Question #2

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Create a realistic wedding budget!

Equipped with what is most important, and your budget, BUT something still isn't adding up. Save in creative ways to bring your dream wedding vision to life!

Looking Fabulous for Less


Your look for the day will include your dress, shoes, jewelry hair, makeup, and nails. For a simple Saturday night out these costs can break the bank, imagine what you could spend on your wedding day!

You can cut your appearance expenses by trying some of the following:

* Forego expensive bridal shops for your dress, shoes, and accessories, and try department stores or boutiques. The dress pictured is $360 from Nordstrom!

* Become a YouTube makeup and hair tutorial expert and you can be completely in charge of your look for the day

* Enlist a good friend who can be your stylist for the day

Dream Venue- Realistic Costs

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Your venue fees could include the space rental, tables, chairs, linen, tableware, silverware, and service staff gratuities and/or fees.

Think outside of the box when selecting your venue.

* Host your wedding at your, or a family member's home, if space permits

* Have ONE space for your ceremony and reception, and save on transportation and extra rental fees

* Choose a day of the week, or time of the year, when weddings are not popular. Friday nights, Sundays, and winter dates are not highly sought after wedding dates if you're looking for an economical selection process of choosing a wedding date.



Decor can entail centerpieces, bouquets, and any special touches that you include- Such as enlarged photos and items related to a theme.

There are many ways to save in terms of wedding decor. Based on your personal style, and a possible wedding theme, you can use your budget decor to splurge in other ways for your wedding.

* Keep everything VERY minimal- allow candles to light up your wedding and lighten your budget

* Eliminate flowers (and use feathers as a substitute), or opt for silk flowers

* DIY! The more that you do yourself the more that you can save

Save the Trees


Your save the dates and invitations are going to be the first impression of your wedding. At your wedding you may also choose to have programs, menus, escort or seat assignment cards. Your final impression of your wedding day will be your thank you cards. These paper items can become costly.

Many of these elements can be excluded from your wedding budget or completed at home to save.

* Save yourself the task of mailing save the dates, and use social media to alert your guests of your upcoming nuptials. Albeit it very old school, but you can still make a wedding announcement in newspapers also!

* If you really want programs and menus, use one sheet for both, AND personalize them to double as escort cards/seat assignments

* Purchase address labels and print them from home, along with thank you cards and any other necessary printed materials

Eats and Treats


You may opt for a day full of snacks and treats, with an elaborate cocktail hour, late night food truck, and a full four course meal for your wedding. Or you may choose to have just dinner and cake.

Many people go to any party for the food and booze, and they will eat and drink as long as there are items available. Your food and beverage costs will most likely eat (Haha!) a large portion of your wedding budget, however if this isn't an important aspect of your day and you can get creative.

* Be selective of your service style. Seated dinners are more expensive than buffets. Allow your guests to eat at their leisure and save quite a bit!

* Limit your alcohol costs! If you MUST, go for the cash bar. However, you can offer beer and wine only as an alternative, to eliminate beverage costs.

* Cut back on desserts. A traditional wedding cake is not mandatory, and they can be very expensive. Seek out creative desserts like cake pops, donuts, or a candy bar.

Dance the Night Away


Band, dj, or both? How much entertainment do you want to provide for your wedding day?

Surprisingly enough you can get quite innovative with saving when planning your entertainment for your wedding.

* Seek students in a college music program. You can get comparable quality of a professional musician, ensemble, or dj for a fraction of the cost

* Refuse any elaborate extras if you hire a professional- No light show, no fog, no props, no photo booth, no MC duties, just music!

* Take matters completely into your own hands, create a custom playlist and press play on your own! This takes a bit more effort from a coordinator or a family friend to control the music during family dances and speeches, but it's the most cost efficient solution for your wedding entertainment

Remember the Day


Videos and photos will cement the final memories of your wedding. The mementos you will share with friends and family members that were not able to attend, and your future grandchildren!

You do not necessarily need to capture EVERY moment of the day. Ensure that you get the best shots of the day, in an affordable way.

* Utilize your wedding hashtag, and encourage your guests to snap throughout the day FOR FREE

* Use either just a videographer or photographer, rather than both.

* Hire your vendor for the least amount of time possible. For many professionals, time is money. Create a must have shot list, and get those activities captured as soon as possible, so that your photographer or videographer can enjoy the rest of the night off

Get Me to the Church


Traditionally, brides and grooms ensure transportation for at least the bridal party to the ceremony, as everyone usually gets ready together. Are you going to go the extra mile and rent shuttle buses or limos for other guests as well? What about their lodging- are your out of town guests staying at a hotel on your dime?

It is not required to have extravagant wedding transportation or lodging means.

* Cost transportation expenses and use your personal car

* Cost lodging costs and hosts your bridal party or any important family members and friends at your home before your wedding

* If you don't want your personal space invaded take advantage of discounts that you can use at hotels or transportation, or use rideshare and homeshare services.

Going the Extra Mile


To thank your bridal party members it is customary to present them with gifts for being a part of your big day. As for your other guests, some still look forward to favors at the end of the night.

* Do you deem gifts as necessary?

* Do you plan on incorporating a theme?

* Do you have special religious touches that you must have as a part of your wedding?

* Is your wedding a destination wedding?

* How about wedding insurance...or THE FEE FOR YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE?

Obviously, the marriage license is one cost that you cannot forego- but are the rest truly necessary to make your day special?

Cutting Costs In Other Areas Of Your Life


Fixed monthly costs


Car Note & Insurance (If insurance is not paid in full yearly)

Your fixed costs are those expenses that are highly unlikely to fluctuate and will not vary on a month to month basis.

Controllable costs

Your controllable costs are those expenses that you CONTROL. Take advantage of these to decrease your monthly expenses and save more for your wedding

Car Expenses- Save by carpooling and limiting your gas consumption

Electricity & Water- Don't deprive yourself of heat and A/C, but you can reduce your electrical and water consumption. Watch less tv & shorten showers (Shower together :-)

Telephone, Cable, & Internet- These are luxuries, adapt to the most basic packages available, and see your expenses change

Food- This one is very simple. Cut back on nights out and cook more.

Child Care- You cannot take your child out of day care, but more nights home will eliminate your babysitting expenses!

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