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Which Core Four Are You?

This quiz is designed to tell you just what kind of cool person you are.

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  1. You're hungry and going to the dinning hall so you order?

    A hard boiled egg
    I need a salad, I am trying to eat healthier
    I don't know but I can assure you I will be going up for multiple rounds
    Wait, is it cupcake Tuesday?
    Pasta with pesto, please
  2. You're roommates boyfriend is sleeping over so naturally you sleep?

    Fuck them, this is my room too I am staying here
    I will probably go stay at my boyfriends
    My roommate doesn't have a boyfriend
    Honestly I am probably just going to crash in some room in midrise
    Hopefully I am going home for the weekend and that's why he is staying over
  3. You get more money in your account, so you spend it on?

    I need to revamp my style, so clothes
    Well I don't go to the dinning hall so anyone want to go out for brunch, lunch, or dinner?
    I need to go to the liquor store
    Decorations for the suite
  4. It is Thursday night, are you going out?

    Is that even a question? I have my Fridays off. Weekend starts now bitches!!!
    Ugh I have another fucking 8am
    Probably not Greys Anatomy is on
    Well I have dance so
    Maybe if like everyone is going out (aka no)
  5. You're thirsty and need a drink so you order?

    Water with a lemon
    Pepsi. What do you mean you sell coke?
    Corona Light or any kind of beer, it is $3
    Vodka Cran
    Rum and Coke
    Whisky Sour
    Pink Moscato
    Twisted Tea
    Pinot Grigio
    Is that a jug of red wine sangria, give me!
  6. Time to study so you will go?

    I clap in libraries so not there
    I need to study at my desk
    I am probably sitting on my bed or desk speaking a paper into my phone
    Studying? I don't even know what that is (secretly crams on bed)
    Probably my room and it will involve a dope quizlet and well written outline
    Study room with my boyfriend
  7. It is Wednesday night and you are?

    Let me check the post-it for dance, nope wait I have night class
    Going to Courtney's house for dinner and wine
    Cooking for whoever wanted to come over
    Seeing the boyf cause the roomies in night class
    Making sangria
    I don't know but it will involve me and a bottle of wine
  8. Netflix is down and you are pissed cause you can't watch?

    Netflix? I am more interested in all the house wives shows
    I turned on my cell phones personal hotspot, no way I am missing Friends
    Gilmore Girls
    Vampire Diaries, but it isn't a big deal it takes me forever to watch a series
  9. You want to buy something new so you spend your money on?

    Brandy Melville
    Anything black
    Any place having a sale
  10. You'e favorite pet is?

    My brother is kinda like a dog
    I just love my cat, but he's dead
    I don't really care for animals
    My dog we can hike together!
    My puppy, even though she is four and no longer a puppy
  11. Your sex life is best described...

    I just haven't met that person yet
    Oh god what is my number at now
    I need my boyfriend to go buy more condoms
    Condoms? What are condoms?
    Happens at least once a day with my boyfriend
    It has been 21 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes, and 15, 16, 17, 18...seconds since I last got laid
    We just like spending time together sometimes, not always about the sex
    Why am I always so horny
    Loud, I scare my roommates
    I am horny but do not know what I am missing
    Guys I think I am pregnant
  12. Birth control is different for everybody but you probably are like...

    1 o'clock on the dot every day
    They told me to take it at night
    I could never remember the pill so nuva ring all the way
    I am getting better I swear, 10 o'clock is my shit

Which Core Four Are You?

You got: Courtney

Congratulations, you are single with a love for special needs children, cheese, wine, and shoes!

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You got: Katie

Congratulations, you love the color black, are super beautiful with gorgeous hair, and love working at Justice!

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You got: Amanda

Congratulations, you are the shortest of the core four, with a love for your baby brother, waking up early, and looking nice before 9:30am!

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You got: Colleen

Congratulations, you hate the dinning hall, but love being a supportive friend, you sleep until after noon, and you use ritz crackers as a side dish to your mac and cheese!

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