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    31 Affordable Pieces Of Furniture For People Who Just Discovered Interior Design But Are Living On A Budget

    If you constantly find yourself scrolling HGTV stars' accounts, then this post is for you.

    1. An outdoor patio furniture set that'll turn your patio into an oasis you'll use all year round if you live somewhere with mild temps like I do. With plush cushions and a coffee table to kick your feet up, you'll never want to be inside again.

    the patio set

    2. A farmhouse-style metal platform bed for when you need extra storage and a chic place to snooze. It's got plenty of space underneath for all those out of season clothes and boots that don't fit in your closet.

    a reviewer photo of the black frame bed in a bedroom with dark green walls

    3. A drum-style side table because its gorgeous mosaic design is made with iridescent mussel shells and exudes some subtle coastal vibes. Even if you're not at the beach, this table might make you feel like you are. The only thing missing is a piña colada.

    a reviewer photo of the table in a living room with books and a lamp on top

    4. A rolling kitchen island so you can have a kitchen island like the one the Property Brothers put in all the kitchens they design. Plus, it'll give all your stuff will have a designated home in your home. It's got a wooden top, a towel rod, and tons of cabinets so you can enjoy extra counter space *and* level up your organization game.

    Reviewer image of the kitchen island

    5. A gold bar cart that'll catch the eye of all your guests. Go ahead and invite all your fancy friends over and prepare to get so. many. compliments.

    gold bar cart with glasses

    6. A comfy accent chair that's so dreamy, it should come with a good book to read in it. Plus, it's got those vintage vibes you're always adoring on Instagram without those vintage *smells.*

    a reviewer photo of the orange chair in a living room

    7. A pair of solid ash dining chairs with a natural wood grain look because they'll add an earthy, airy boho feel to any home. People will definitely think your home was on Dream Home Makeover when they see these in your dining room.

    8. A simple three-drawer dresser to give you another surface to style. Plus, it'll keep your kids' clothes organized that they (or you) can eventually use as a nightstand when they outgrow it. It's even great for adults, as its compact size means it's also perfect for studio apartments where space is limited.

    9. A curvy modern velvet chair for anybody who wants a comfy place to sit but doesn't have a big space or budget. This chair is versatile enough to use in your living room, dining room, or office... basically anywhere you like to do some quality sitting.

    reviewer photo of the round velvet chair in beige

    10. A five-shelf bookcase with a cabinet so you can get the look of a built-in china hutch without having to hire builders or buying materials. Plus, it's got open shelving for your cute tchotchkes and cabinets to hide everything else.

    the bookcase

    11. A golden tree floor lamp, because it'll create the best ambience in the house and look like a work of art even when it's off. If you want more lighting but don't want to tinker with anything hardwired, this beauty is for you.

    12. An asymmetrical two-tier TV stand so you can finally get rid of the wonky one you've had since college. With a total of three shelves, you'll have plenty of space for devices as well as cute odds and ends, so you can decorate like a Design Star.

    the shelf with a TV, books and other decor items on it

    13. A gold tiered coffee table for anybody who wants a table that's as glam as it is functional. Think of all the ways you could style this piece! The limit does not exist.

    a reviewer photo of the gold and glass coffee table with a plant and decor on top

    14. A woven velvet ottoman that'll make your space look like a million bucks without you having to spend a million bucks. Not only will it add visual interest to your space but it'll also create a soft place for your feet to land after a long day.

    a reviewer photo of the emerald green velvet ottoman with gold hair pin legs on a rug

    15. A minimalist five-tier wall-mounted bookshelf with an industrial flair that'll give your books, plants, and tchotchkes a cool place to live. Style one of these behind your desk and you'll never have to use that blurred background setting on Zoom again.

    16. A solid wood writing desk with a mid-century modern look that is sure to make working from home feel a little like you're working in the Mad Men office. Except you get to wear your PJs in this version.

    the walnut desk against a white wall

    17. A contemporary double-door buffet that's perfect for housing extra dishes in your dining room or serving as a media center in your living room. It comes in a variety of lengths, so you can be sure to find one to fit your unique space. Get that custom look without spending a small fortune on a custom piece.

    a reviewer photo of the white cabinet  with a dog in front of it

    18. A dark blue tufted storage bench because placing it in your entryway will automatically transform it into a swanky hotel lobby. Plus, it's the perfect place to put on and take off your shoes and it's large enough to hold those bulky items that you don't have space for but don't want to get rid of.

    reviewer's image of the navy bench

    19. A modern white nightstand because it looks expensive but costs less than $150. It's got golden handles and legs and two drawers to hold all your nighttime essentials — like books, lip balm, essential oils, and midnight snacks.

    the white and gold nightstand next to a bed

    20. A hall tree that'll do four jobs: It'll look amazing, hold your coats, keys and bags, provide storage for all those shoes you always trip over, and seating to lace up said shoes if you need it. With this to wrangle all your clutter, your home will look as clean as the ones on all the AD home tours. in A win-win-win-win!

    a reviewer photo of the hall tree with shoes and bags on it

    21. A pet crate because your dog's gear doesn't have to be an eyesore and this one doubles as a farmhouse-style side table to help you save space. All you have to do is provide the adorable (if just a little mischievous) pup.

    22. An upholstered platform bed with drawers that'll hold your sweater collection, extra sheets, or whatever else your closets can't contain. The faux leather, diamond tufted headboard is pure luxury without the luxury price tag.

    white bed with drawers

    23. A desk chair because if you have to work, you might as well do it in style. It's got a lever to adjust the height and swivels all the way around in case you want to feel like a kid again.

    the palm print desk chair with a black base

    24. A folding balcony bar so you can enjoy your incredible view with your favorite bev in hand. Don't have a great view? That's okay, this folding bar is so chic you may not even notice what's behind it.

    the balcony bar

    25. A wooden dresser so farmhouse-inspired that people will think Chip and Joanna delivered it straight from the Silos. It's got eight fabric drawers to hold everything from clothes to table linens.

    reviewer's dresser with fabric bins

    26. An acrylic side table for anybody who's short on space but not on style. This gold and acrylic beaut looks like a million bucks but costs less than $200.

    reviewer's side table in a living room

    27. A lift-top coffee table because it proves furniture can be stylish and functional. Simply lift up the top of this table to use it as a desk or coffee table.

    reviewer's coffee table

    28. A velvet chaise lounge that'll be the perfect place to cozy up with your TBR pile on cold winter days.

    reviewer's pink chaise lounge in their Harry Potter-themed office

    29. A dining table and benches set for anybody who's tired of eating dinner on the couch.

    reviewer's table with white legs and wood top

    30. A mirrored chest because it's the perfect size to dress up that awkward area that you have no idea what to do with or to use as nightstands so that the first thing you see in the morning is your radiant self.

    Reviewer's mirrored cabinet styled with a plant and lamp

    31. A glass and brass console table because you can style it a zillion (I counted) ways and I bet all the designers you've been ogling on Instagram put these in every entryway. You could also put it behind your sofa if you have the space!

    Reviewer's image of the console table in an entryway

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