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20 Affordable Finds From Target That'll Improve Your Bathroom

Who's ready to take their bathroom to the next level... spoiler: it's you.

1. An aromatic candle to make your bathroom smell like a tropical island. Reviewers swear this gives off the same delicious scent as the Volcano candle from Capri Blue minus the hefty price tag!

the candle on a table

2. A Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena-scented multisurface cleaner because it can clean just about any surface in your bathroom. And a clean bathroom is priceless!

the spray bottle on a counter

3. A versatile decorative basket that will up the style game of your bathroom AND can be used as storage for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or hand towels.

A white woven basket with leather handles

4. A cute tabletop picture frame for personalizing your bathroom counter. It's made of resin and wood, giving each one a unique look and the square shape is perfect for framing beloved Instagram pics.

A brown and white square frame with a beach photo inside

5. A pack of Command hooks, because they can be used for more than just hanging posters on your dorm wall — they make great towel hooks! And they don't damage walls — making them perfect for renters.

the pack of command hooks

6. A bottle of lime, calcium, and rust cleaner so you can say goodbye to tough, stuck-on lime, calcium, and rust. You'll feel like so much more of an adult bathing in a spotless shower.

7. A bottle of caulk gel to seal any gaps in your tiles, like where the bathtub meets the wall or where the backsplash meets the countertop. You can apply it on top of your existing caulk to make things easier and your shower look brand-new.

A model using caulk sealant

8. A three-piece metal bathroom hardware set for anyone who wants the look of matching hardware without a major price tag. It comes in two finishes, so you can easily match it to your decor, tiles, or just the room's ~vibe~.

9. A roll of tropical print self-adhesive removable wallpaper to instantly transform your bathroom into a boutique powder room and add some personality.

the tropical peel and stick wallpaper with a console table and plant

10. A pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes that'll have every surface in your bathroom looking ~and~ smelling delightful. I use these daily to wipe down my sink and counter and they do not disappoint.

Set of 3 Clorox wipes

11. An acrylic turntable beauty organizer so you can ~clear~ up your cluttered counter and give your blushes, brushes, and other beauty products their own easy-to-access (and stylish) home. Plus, since it's clear, you can always have your eyes on the prize. And by prize, I mean that new palette you picked up the other day.

acrylic turntable organizer

12. An enameled wood toilet seat because it's time to toss your old one and give your bathroom a mini-makeover for less than $20.

13. A drawer organizer set to add some neatness and functionality to your always-disorganized bathroom drawers. Keep things simple with dedicated trays, instead of just kind of letting it all sit in a big pile.

14. A three-tier wheeled metal utility cart that can hold whatever you need it to — like your towels, washcloths, spare toiletries, etc. — for when you're really on a ~roll~.

the gray cart

15. A bottle of daily shower cleaner so you can keep your bathroom mildew-free with just a spritz. Spray some of this lemon-and-mint-scented cleaner in the tub or on your shower walls and floors when you’re done washing up each day, and then just walk away! No scrubbing necessary. Regular use can help prevent soap scum buildup and other weird... growths. What a blessing.

The daily shower cleaner

16. A faux pothos plant in a stylish pot, because it's cute, lively, and requires zero watering. This surprisingly realistic artificial plant will bring a touch of greenery to your bathroom.

the faux plant on a counter next to a candle

17. A Clorox toilet cleaning kit to make the grossest cleaning task in your life the easiest. Simply click a cleaning sponge onto the included wand, clean your toilet bowl, and then pop the sponge into the trash when you're all done — no splashing around bottles of bleach or scrubbing down the wand required. Easy peasy!

The ToiletWand cleaning kit

18. A four-piece marbled stoneware bathroom accessories set that'll keep your counter neat and tidy, and help your hardworking toothbrush finally live in the luxury it deserves. Your sink has never had it this good.

The bathroom accessories set

19. A bathmat so you can kiss stepping onto a cold, slick floor after your shower goodbye. Plus, it'll add some modern oomph to your WC.

the colorful bathmat

20. And a bath towel because it'll make bathtime wayyyy more colorful. These towels are a great Missoni alternative and I can confirm they're super fluffy and feel much more expensive than they are.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.