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    20 Things For Anyone Who Can Never Get Enough Peanut Butter

    Choosy moms choose JIF, but you can choose whatever you want from these PB picks.

    1. An eight-pack of creamy natural Skippy peanut butter so you'll be well-stocked — for a few days, at least.

    The peanut butter

    2. A protein bar that'll give you a peanut butter boost even when you're on the go. These dairy-free bars are individually wrapped, so they're easy to toss into your bag for the next time hunger strikes.

    The bar

    3. A jar of Eliot's peanut butter with espresso nibs for days when you need a caffeine boost with your PB.

    The peanut butter

    4. A peanut butter knife that'll help you scrape your jar clean so that no PB goes uneaten. You can also use it to stir up your jar if needed.

    The peanut butter knife

    5. A jug of chocolate peanut butter protein powder so you can make your daily shake delicious and filling.

    The protein powder and shake ingredients

    6. A personalized peanut butter spoon for anybody who needs a special vehicle for their beloved snack. This isn't a regular spoon, it's a cool spoon.

    The Spoon

    7. A Quest cookie that'll satisfy your peanut butter-loving sweet tooth and give you some protein, too.

    The cookies

    8. A 5-pound jar of Adams natural peanut butter for anybody who *REALLY* prefers crunchy over creamy.

    The peanut butter

    9. A 24-pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Lovers cups because they're peanut butter coated in a peanut butter creme and taste so good they might make your peanut-butter-loving heart burst with joy.

    The peanut butter cup

    10. A PB T-shirt that'll be on regular rotation and let everyone you see know exactly what's on your mind.

    11. A jar of Big Spoon Roasters chai spice peanut and almond butter because it's my absolute favorite and turns my morning toast into a morning treasure.

    The peanut butter

    12. A self-cleaning peanut butter mixer that'll take care of any separation. Just put it together, put it on your jar of PB, and do a quick stir before you chow down. No more oil sloshing everywhere!

    a reviewer photo of the peanut butter mixer on a jar of peanut butter

    13. An array of peanut butters for anybody who likes a little variety in their PB pantry.

    Peanut butter assortment

    14. A pair of PB-inspired socks because they'll make you smile every time you slip them on.

    15. A bag of peanut butter-flavored popcorn that'll outrank movie theater popcorn any day.

    two bags of peanut butter popcorn

    16. A huge jar of Reese's peanut butter sauce that'll transform your baking. It's like peanut butter — but with that delicious Reese's twist.

    The sauce

    17. A bag of peanut butter-flavored coffee because it'll make tumbling out of bed, stumbling to the kitchen, and pouring yourself a cup of ambition something to look forward to every morning.

    The coffee

    18. A 12-pack of Premier Protein shakes because it's got tens of thousands of 5-star reviews and comes in your favorite flavor combo: chocolate *and* peanut butter.

    The shake

    19. A mug set for you and your peanut-butter lovin' friend or sweetie. It's like the grownup version of a BFF bracelet...remember those??

    The mugs

    20. A peanut butter-scented candle because it'll make your entire home smell like PB cookies even if you're not a baker.

    the mason jar peanut butter candle

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