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    31 Things From Walmart To Upgrade Your Bedroom Situation That Don't Cost Much Money

    Bedroom furniture, bedding, and everything else you need for an easy upgrade, all under $100.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A foldable platform bed frame, so if you are in-between places at the moment, you'll have a piece of bedroom furniture that can go where you go. After all, it's fully collapsible, so setting it up is just as easy as taking it down. Other reasons why this bed frame is so darn awesome? It is very affordable, and, thanks to its compact design, it won't take up too much bedroom space.

    An image of a black foldable platform bedframe with durable steel construction

    2. A three-piece vanity set because, if you are looking for bedroom furniture for a steal of a price, here is a piece to definitely add to your wishlist! This set includes a vanity, stool, and a mirror all for under $100. But if its price tag isn't enough to entice you, perhaps this vanity's gorgeous mid-century modern-inspired design just might — I mean, it looks like a high-end piece you'd end up feeling fancy while using for years to come.

    An image of a three-piece gold metal vanity set that includes one stool, one vanity, and one mirror

    3. A queen metal headboard that gives your bedroom an elegant and luxurious feel. Now, you can give your space a small update without spending a fortune on new items. Reviewers also love that this headboard doesn't take up too much space and that it comes with all tools needed to assemble it, so you can get the job done all by yourself. They also appreciate that this headboard comes in two classic colors, so it will be able to withstand your many bedroom decor changes throughout the years.

    An image of a queen metal headboard in a pewter color

    4. A set of two nightstands to allow you to nail that farmhouse look you love and save some cash at the same time. Not only do you get two stands for a great price, but since each stand comes with a drawer, you can have plenty of storage space for your glasses, remotes, medicines, and more. These stands also boast a classic look, so even if you're not feeling the whole farmhouse thing, they can still fit into other decor aesthetics just as easily.

    An image of two ivory rectangular oak nightstands with a drawer and black metal drawer handle

    5. A round braided area rug if you want to help your bedroom floors pop without splurging on a full-sized piece. This rug's ~nine~ color choices can satisfy any decor theme, so you can go maximalist with the rust/multi-color or tap into the basics with beige.

    An image of a round braided area rug in a gold color

    6. A three-piece quilt set for giving your bed a makeover in a matter of seconds. In addition to its beautiful color choices, this quilt set is a must-have for sweaty sleepers, as its moisture-wicking fabric keeps you as cool as a cucumber while you're dreaming away. And since this set comes with a coverlet and two coordinating shams, you won't have to buy anything separately, making it a great value item you never knew you needed until now.

    An image of a ocean teal three-piece quilt set with a coverlet and two coordinating shams

    7. A set of two-bedroom lamps, which have breathtaking blue-green glass detailing at the base. Now, you'll have something to go with those regency-inspired decor pieces you've been excited to put up. Aside from their gorgeous hues, these lamps are easy to assemble and cast a warm inviting light. Aka you won't have to worry that they will blind your eyes if you have to turn them on during the night.

    The two diamond blue-green bedroom lamps with a white-beige lamp shades

    8. A set of two accent pillows, so if your landlord won't allow you to have a fur baby right now, you can at least pretend you have a fluffy one to cuddle with at night. Though these pillows aren't just ~floofy~ and chic — they are machine washable and durable, so get ready to have a set to use for years to come.

    An image of three fluffy accent pillows that are durable and machine washable

    9. A set of laundry hampers, so you know exactly what clothes are clean and what clothes are dirty. Since each hamper has wheels, you'll also be able to take your laundry with you to the laundromat with ease. Win-win-WIN!

    An image of a wheeled laundry hamper with a flip-top lid and retractable handle

    10. An inexpensive throw blanket because you never know when you'll need an extra layer of warmth. Though, as affordable as it is, don't think this blanket is just another flimsy buy — it's soft, warm, and long enough to cover your feet. Get ready for snuggly binge-athons for nights on end.

    The fleece throw blanket draped over a sofa

    11. A simple desk that can fit into bedrooms of all sizes. Even better is that while this desk is definitely compact, it offers storage space with two shelves, so you can have a place to hold books, plants, and all of your other knick-knacks.

    An image of a student desk with two side storage shelves inside of a bedroom area

    12. A nine-shelf organizer you can use as a bookshelf or for storage of all other items lying around in your bedroom. Plus this organizer is essentially fool-proof to assemble from start to finish, so you can put it together yourself without pestering your roommate for help.

    An image of a white nine-shelf organizer used to hold books, vases, and fabric storage bins

    13. A 12-cube portable closet that'll come in handy for storing clothes, pillows, blankets, shoes, you name it! Now, you'll have a makeshift closet that you can use wherever life takes you.

    The 12-cube portable closet that is lightweight and easy-to-move

    14. A saucer chair if you want a unique-looking bedroom accent chair that is comfy and affordable. An added bonus? No assembly is required to put this chair together, so, now, you can easily set it up in your room and read, lounge, and nap away.

    An image of a faux fur saucer chair with a soft wide seat and a foldable steel frame

    15. A pack of three storage trays for de-cluttering your bedroom in record time. Now, all your important stuff will stay in a place you can where you can find them. The even better news is that these trays cost a dollar, so you can leave your buyer's remorse at the door! It really doesn't get any better than that, people.

    An image of three plastic storage trays that are 6.4-inches wide and 2.4-inches high

    16. A three-drawer cart you can use as a bedroom dresser or nightstand until the back ordered one you ordered a while back finally arrives. Because this cart has wheels, you can easily push it from room to room with no problem, so don't be surprised if it becomes one of your favorite things that you own.

    An image of a plastic cart with three storage drawers and wheels

    17. Or a three-drawer tower that can also come in handy as a dresser or nightstand. While it does not have wheels, this tower is made of plastic, making it easier to keep clean than the wooden furniture pieces you find yourself dusting and dusting over again.

    The three-drawer tower being used to hold shoes, clothing, and accessories

    18. A set of 12 3D butterfly wall decals if you want to add a pop of charm and intrigue to your walls without spending a fortune. While they look complicated to mount onto your wall these decals also come with stickers to make the task a piece of cake. Now your bedroom will look like it belongs in a storybook.

    An image of a set of 12 3D butterfly wall decals mounted onto a wall

    19. A set of three succulent wall art decor because if you are looking for a budget-friendly wall art set to add to your bedroom walls, trust that this one won't let you down. After all, who wouldn't want to add a simple pop of green to their walls?

    An image of a set of three succulent wall art décor

    20. A set of six artificial succulent plants with impressive lifelike detailing and a price point of under $20. Now, you can add a pop of green to dress up your vanity, desk, and window sill. Even better is that you'll never have to water them, so you'll never have to worry you forgot to do it.

    An image of six faux succulent plants in gray pots

    21. A 12-piece bedding set that has everything you need to make it feel complete — one comforter, two shams, four decorative pillows, a four-piece sheet set, and a bed skirt. This set also boasts a chic Parisian theme, giving your bedroom a fun, Euro-trip-inspired vibe.

    An image of a 12-piece bedding set that includes one comforter, two shams, four decorative pillows, a four-piece sheet set, and a bed skirt

    22. A blackout curtain panel if bright lights in your neighborhood are putting a damper on your sleep quality. Plus! In addition to their affordable price, these curtains block out hot and cold air, so get ready to say hello to lower electric bills from here on out.

    An image of a blackout curtain panel made of polyester material

    23. A memory foam mattress topper for putting an end to all those nights spent tossing and turning in your bed. Plus, it's perfect for all sleeping positions — including stomach — so it's great for shared sleepers who don't sleep in the same position at night.

    An image of a memory foam mattress topper with1.5 inches of ergonomic, contour-cut memory foam

    24. A solid color sheet set if your stained and ripped sheet set has seen better days. This sheet comes in 15 unique colors, so get ready to make your bedroom your own personal version of paradise.

    A image of a solid color sheet set made with a wrinkle-free microfiber fabric

    25. A microfiber pillowcase set so you can freshen up your bedroom and keep those pesky zits at bay. ICYMI: a dirty pillowcase can be a sneaky cause of your breakouts, so you'll want to change them up often.

    26. A sherpa bedding set because if you are looking for winter-ready bedding, trust that this set will keep you warm and toasty even if it's below zero out. However, while it looks big and bulky, reviewers say it's lightweight to use all year round.

    27. A string light you can use to display all your memorable moments and have an extra source of lighting in your bedroom. Now, your bedroom will easily become your favorite room in your place.

    An image of a set of string lights used to hold up Polaroid pictures

    28. A seven-piece comforter set that satisfies all your fancy bedding needs — a luxe-looking comforter, two shams, a bed skirt, and three decorative pillows (seriously, their metallic look will make your bed suddenly seem oh-so-fancy). All you have to do is order 'em to take interior design credit!

    An image of a seven-piece comforter set that includes a comforter, two shams, one bed skirt, and three decorative pillows

    29. A nightstand with a USB port and two shelves to keep all your tech charged and other essentials in a place you can access them. I don't know about you, but I really love the drawer handles on this nightstand — they make it look a lot more expensive than they really are.

    An image of a white two-drawer nightstand with a USB port

    30. A side table if you want low-key pieces of bedroom furniture that aren't a pain in the butt to put together. As this side table is very versatile, you can easily use it in other rooms should you need an extra place to put all your stuff.

    An image of the metal and wood side table inside a bedroom area

    31. And a three-piece floating shelf set for putting an end to having no dresser, desk, or nightstand space. Now pictures, plants, and other decor items you never have the room for will have a place to call home.

    An image of a three-piece floating shelf set mounted onto a wall

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