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    27 On-Sale Products From Lowe’s That Are Popular For A Reason

    Trust us — reviewers truly love these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bathroom ventilation fan with a Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, and night-lights, if you want bath time to feel like a cosmic experience each time you climb into the tub.

    A bathroom ventilation fan

    Promising review: "I wanted a good ventilation fan that also had a light on it. This one is hands down the very best one for the price that I found. The large LED light actually dims (It doesn’t mention this anywhere online or the box, even the store associate said it didn’t!)!!! The blue light and night-light are great features too! And the speaker is a huge bonus. It’s not a Bose or anything, but it way better than I expected. And considering it comes with the awesome touch screen switch to put on the wall, it’s totally worth the price." —Lindsey

    Price: $149 (originally $159)

    2. A WaterSense elongated toilet — that is also pretty compact — so you can reserve more bathroom space for that refurbished vintage vanity you've been eyeing for a while now.

    An image of a WaterSense elongated toilet

    Promising review: "Never thought I would love a toilet as a design concept! But it's a sleek, contemporary, and efficient space saver with a power flush. Seat height is perfect at chair height and unlike other comments, I've had no problems with the lid and it's used by two teenage girls! So the flush is awesome!" —Novice123

    Price: $199.00 (originally $239.00) 

    3. A digital picture frame so you can update the fam with all your latest adventures, even if you're hundreds of miles apart.

    A digital picture frame

    Promising review: "Super easy to set up—instructions and prompts are easy to understand and follow! I'm able to send pictures to my brother and mother, who each have one — checking the box next to their frame in the app, which you link through the actual frame. I can send by selecting photos, selecting each of their frames, and then hitting send in the app! Super easy! The frame 'chimes' when receiving photos, which draws grandma's and brother's attention and lets them know they got new photos! What a wonderful way to instantly share memories and not have to have a social media account or computer! My four-year-old has been watching ours for days now and loves seeing his cousins and grandparents!" —Paige

    Price: $109.99 (originally $129.99)  

    4. A cordless electric leaf blower that has a 75-minute runtime, so you can successfully clean the whole yard without even having to grab an extension cord.

    A cordless electric leaf blower

    Promising review: "I only have a small yard, but I really do like this blower. Lots of power, lightweight, quiet, and comfortable to use. Battery life is tremendous. Looking forward to trying it in light snow." —Karlene

    Price: $159 (originally $179)

    5. A power tool combo kit, which comes with everything from drills to battery packs, so you can finally finish the shelving project in the playroom before the kids go back to school.

    An image of a power tool combo kit

    Promising review: "Very light but powerful, reliable, and ergonomically designed. I finished my project without having to recharge the battery. This combo kit made it easy to install my closet shelves. Great investment!" —Albert

    Price: $149 (originally $189) 

    6. A one-handle center-set bathroom faucet to make your master bath look just like the farmhouse-inspired one you've got pinned to your design mood board on Pinterest.

    An image of a one-handle center set bathroom faucet

    Promising review: "This faucet is amazing. I actually have two of them. I love everything about them, but especially because they are guaranteed for the life of the faucet. They work smoothly and look beautiful. Would recommend this faucet to everyone!" —Lene

    Price: $53.86 (originally $63.36)

    7. An air purifier device and filter for removing all the hard-to-see pet dander, mold, and pollen your vacuum can't seem to suck up.

    An image of a air purifier device and filter

    Promising review: "I bought this specifically for my granddaughter who suffers from allergies and has always had a difficult time at my (older) house. She did not have any breathing issues this time!!! I would buy this product again!!!" —Ang

    Price: $26.98 (originally $76.98)

    8. An easy-to-install LED light bar for under-cabinet lighting because there's nothing worse than bumping your head on the kitchen cabinets while trying to turn the coffee maker on in the morning.

    A LED lightbar for under cabinet lighting

    Promising review: "I was looking for an under-cabinet light with a thin profile since there are no lips on my white cabinets. This light is very thin and gives off a good amount of light when needed. I am happy with it." —cjyap 

    Price: $34.98 

    9. A 216-piece mechanic toolset that has everything from wrenches to sockets to ratchets so you can have a trusty tool kit you can use for life.

    A 216-piece mechanics tool set

    Set contains a variety of sockets, ratchets, wrench sets, and specialty bits, all contained in a heavy-duty three-drawer toolbox.

    Promising review: "Great! This set has everything you could need and nothing you don’t. All other sets like this, some with more 'tools,' are cheaper but are full of junk like 100 screw bits, etc. Another plus is the easy-to-see giant etching sizes. I used a sharpie to dab the raised sizes on the plastic for even better organization." —Toolboy

    Price: $119 (originally $199) 

    10. A leaf blower and string trimmer combo kit to keep your garden clean without having to use two separate appliances to get the job done.

    An image of a leaf blower and string trimmer combo kit

    Promising review: "I definitely will say that these cordless machines are beasts. I have owned a lot of different brands of cordless 24-volt weed eaters and blowers in the past, but none of them compare to the quality and power of these guys. I honestly was surprised how well they took work. I would, however, recommend getting another battery if you don't already have one and you have a lot of yards. I own about an acre, and with two batteries it does everything I need." —SurfJunky

    Price: $149 (originally $199) 

    11. A grill brush and scouring pad so your grill racks can be squeaky clean, even after making the greasiest of burgers.

    A dual-sided grill brush and scouring pad

    Promising review: "I love this grill brush! The best part is that it has three different ways to clean — bristles, scrub pad, and wire brush. I like that I can get in between the grates of the grill to really give my grill a good cleaning. The scrub pad and bristles work great on top of the grill and eliminate any extra food that may be left on the grill. I wish it had a strap so I can hang from the grill, but I have made my own! Overall, great multiuse brush for the price!" —John72

    Price: $7.98 (originally $9.98) 

    12. An outdoor LED ceiling fan with a remote control — perfect if you always find yourself reaching for a step stool just to pull the fan chain.

    An image of an outdoor LED celing fan

    Promising review: "This outdoor fan was fairly easy to install with two people. Looks great, runs great, and its light has good coverage." —Mark 

    Price: $155.98 (originally $194.98) 

    13. A plastic work table that is durable enough for all kinds of projects, whether it's woodworking or car maintenance.

    A 31-inch x 25 -inch plastic work table

    Promising review: "This is the second Worx workbench I purchased from Lowe's. I have been using the first one for about a year and thought the value justified another. The workbench is really solid and can take a lot of abuse. Having two gives me more options when setting up my tools outside. I also built a router top that can be clamped between the two benches and still have plenty of room for other tools. I have other portable workbenches but these have become my favorite choice. They are lightweight, tough, and stable." —Michael 

    Price: $139

    14. A dual compound miter saw, which has an exclusive laser marker system for cutting accuracy, so you can cut through wood, crown molding, and panels without worrying you screwed things up.

    An image of a 12-inch dual compound miter saw

    Promising review: "I purchased this to finish up a remodel in our home. It was on sale, and the price was very cheap compared to other saws. It cut perfectly, had great guide marks to make it easy for me, and the guard completely covers the blade for safety." —TJinTN

    Price: $249 (originally $299)

    15. A 65-inch gas grill cover to help protect your grill from all kinds of weather, whether it's harsh winds, heavy downpours, or tropical storms.

    A 65-inch gas grill cover

    Promising review: "Survived the top of a mountain during Tropical Storm Isaias. Very simple to put on and fasten. Wouldn’t buy any other cover." —Anonymous 

    Price: $84.98 (originally $93.99)

    16. A four-spray dual shower head that'll cater to all of your household's water preferences, whether it's massaging spray or a full-body spray.

    A four-spray dual shower head

    Promising review: "Love this addition to our newly remodeled shower. It can feel like a rain shower, or, for my husband, more focused, strong water flow. The removable handheld part is very helpful for bathing my handicapped family member." —Toni

    Price: $38.98 (originally $49.98)

    17. A tongue-and-groove plier set with plastic grips, because if you are undoing a shower head, the last thing you want is an unreliable set of tools.

    An image of a three-pack tongue and groove plier set

    Promising review: "High-quality tools, best pricing when you buy them in a three-pack. Plastic grips make handling easier. A must-buy for the homeowner and professional." —Seneca

    Price: $12.98 (originally $19.98)

    18. A bottle of all-purpose outdoor bug spray that repels mosquitoes for a whole 10 hours so you can stay bite-free whether you're hanging by the pool or camping outdoors for the weekend.

    An image of all-purpose outdoor bug spray

    Promising review: "A must-have item. It is unscented and works very well, protecting from aggressive mosquitoes and other insects." —Oz

    Price: $3.38 (originally $4.28)

    19. A set of Edison-style string lights for updating your patio with some mid-century modern vibes.

    An image of Edison-style string lights

    Promising review: "Because of COVID-19, when we entertain, we have been primarily hosting small gatherings outside on our patio. Now that the daytime hours are getting shorter, I noticed our patio lighting really isn't adequate for serving dinner outside, so I googled solutions and found a picture on Pinterest of 48' string lights hung using zip ties. I found these lights at Lowe's, and they could not have been more perfect. I was able to install them all by myself. Got many compliments on the lights and they provided great ambiance." —Cristina

    Price: $49.98 (originally $89.98)

    20. A LED headlamp with three modes, so you can have a clear source of light whenever you're walking the dog or making repairs to the attic.

    A LED Headlamp

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this thing because I have a dog, and he likes to go on night walks before bed, so it lights my path up super bright.  I’m also afraid of bugs, so I can clearly see everything I need when I’m out at night. I also use it when I’m reading at night because I don’t want to have a full light on to wake my baby up. I use this and it works absolutely great." —samanthas249 

    Price: $12.97 (originally $16.98)

    21. A set of pool and spa test strips to measure the chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels of your pool in a matter of seconds.

    An image of pool and spa test strips

    Promising review: "I like these test strips. I generally use them like twice a week, and more often, after a water swap on my hot tub. Good for quick checking of chlorine and pH levels. Also has a test for alkalinity, but I don't pay as much attention to this one. Good product and easy to use."—LarryM

    Price: $8.98 (originally $9.98)

    22. A six-piece wood-boring spade drill bit set for drilling holes into soft and hard woods hassle-free.

    An image of a six-piece woodboring spade drill bit set

    Promising review: "Sharp, durable bits ready to tackle your drill needs. Great for four-by lumber as well as smaller, more delicate needs. Stays sharp longer." — g1man

    Price: $9.98 (originally $14.98)

    23. Some Downy fabric softener liquid to keep your clothes smelling fresh and feeling cuddly soft, even days after you wash them.

    An image of fabric softener liquid

    Promising review: "I like a lot of scent on my clothes and the newer version makes our laundry smell so good! This laundry combo makes our laundry smell fresh and clean, soft, and static-free." —tigereyes19806

    Price: $10.98 (originally $12.48) 

    24. A pack of 240-count fabric softener dryer sheets for making your clothes and sheets smell like they've been hanging out on the clothesline, even if you live in a city apartment.

    An image of a pack of 240-count dryer sheets

    Promising review: "They make our clothes smell so fresh and clean but aren’t overbearing! Some brands have such a strong fragrance — it literally makes them hard to wear — or will sometimes, even work against whatever perfume I want to wear that day. Not with Bounce though. It’s just enough fragrance to keep clothes fresh! And this is weird, but the individual sheets themselves are sturdy." — tatumm1d88

    Price: $9.88 (originally $11.28) 

    25. A 10-cup water filter pitcher for filtering chlorine out of your water, so your coffee and tea won't have a weird aftertaste.

    A 10-cup water filter pitcher

    Promising review: "This Brita improved my coffee and tea and drinking water so much. I so wish I had not put it off so long. No more chlorine smell from my beverages. If you're on the fence about whether to get a Brita or not, don't put it off. I can tell you the Brita Grand pitcher is worth every penny." —pbettis54

    Price: $29.98 (originally $35.97)

    26. A three-piece bathroom hardware set for making your unfinished bathroom look a little more complete, even if you still have a lot more to do.

    A three-piece bathroom hardware set

    Promising review: "I purchased the three-piece Caldwell because I am updating my master bathroom and had already purchased Caldwell faucets for the two lavs. Keeping all of the hardware in the same pattern was important to me, and this along with the towel ring were my finishing touches. Thank you." —Mick

    Price: $50.98 (originally $59.98)

    27. A smartclock that isn't too high-tech, so it won't feel intimating to all you fellow technophobes (*raises hand*) out there.

    An image of a smart clock

    Promising review: "This thing works great and it has been really easy to set up and use. I went out and bought many more for holiday gifts. I don't love an overabundance of tech, but these are subtle, unobtrusive, and helpful for people who want the perks of a computer without the cost."—Kalamazoo24

    Price: $29.99 (originally $49.99)

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