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    27 On-Sale Products From Lowe’s That Are Popular For A Reason

    Trust us — reviewers truly love these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bathroom ventilation fan with a Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, and night-lights, if you want bath time to feel like a cosmic experience each time you climb into the tub.

    A bathroom ventilation fan

    2. A WaterSense elongated toilet — that is also pretty compact — so you can reserve more bathroom space for that refurbished vintage vanity you've been eyeing for a while now.

    An image of a WaterSense elongated toilet

    3. A digital picture frame so you can update the fam with all your latest adventures, even if you're hundreds of miles apart.

    A digital picture frame

    4. A cordless electric leaf blower that has a 75-minute runtime, so you can successfully clean the whole yard without even having to grab an extension cord.

    A cordless electric leaf blower

    5. A power tool combo kit, which comes with everything from drills to battery packs, so you can finally finish the shelving project in the playroom before the kids go back to school.

    An image of a power tool combo kit

    6. A one-handle center-set bathroom faucet to make your master bath look just like the farmhouse-inspired one you've got pinned to your design mood board on Pinterest.

    An image of a one-handle center set bathroom faucet

    7. An air purifier device and filter for removing all the hard-to-see pet dander, mold, and pollen your vacuum can't seem to suck up.

    An image of a air purifier device and filter

    8. An easy-to-install LED light bar for under-cabinet lighting because there's nothing worse than bumping your head on the kitchen cabinets while trying to turn the coffee maker on in the morning.

    A LED lightbar for under cabinet lighting

    9. A 216-piece mechanic toolset that has everything from wrenches to sockets to ratchets so you can have a trusty tool kit you can use for life.

    A 216-piece mechanics tool set

    10. A leaf blower and string trimmer combo kit to keep your garden clean without having to use two separate appliances to get the job done.

    An image of a leaf blower and string trimmer combo kit

    11. A grill brush and scouring pad so your grill racks can be squeaky clean, even after making the greasiest of burgers.

    A dual-sided grill brush and scouring pad

    12. An outdoor LED ceiling fan with a remote control — perfect if you always find yourself reaching for a step stool just to pull the fan chain.

    An image of an outdoor LED celing fan

    13. A plastic work table that is durable enough for all kinds of projects, whether it's woodworking or car maintenance.

    A 31-inch x 25 -inch plastic work table

    14. A dual compound miter saw, which has an exclusive laser marker system for cutting accuracy, so you can cut through wood, crown molding, and panels without worrying you screwed things up.

    An image of a 12-inch dual compound miter saw

    15. A 65-inch gas grill cover to help protect your grill from all kinds of weather, whether it's harsh winds, heavy downpours, or tropical storms.

    A 65-inch gas grill cover

    16. A four-spray dual shower head that'll cater to all of your household's water preferences, whether it's massaging spray or a full-body spray.

    A four-spray dual shower head

    17. A tongue-and-groove plier set with plastic grips, because if you are undoing a shower head, the last thing you want is an unreliable set of tools.

    An image of a three-pack tongue and groove plier set

    18. A bottle of all-purpose outdoor bug spray that repels mosquitoes for a whole 10 hours so you can stay bite-free whether you're hanging by the pool or camping outdoors for the weekend.

    An image of all-purpose outdoor bug spray

    19. A set of Edison-style string lights for updating your patio with some mid-century modern vibes.

    An image of Edison-style string lights

    20. A LED headlamp with three modes, so you can have a clear source of light whenever you're walking the dog or making repairs to the attic.

    A LED Headlamp

    21. A set of pool and spa test strips to measure the chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity levels of your pool in a matter of seconds.

    An image of pool and spa test strips

    22. A six-piece wood-boring spade drill bit set for drilling holes into soft and hard woods hassle-free.

    An image of a six-piece woodboring spade drill bit set

    23. Some Downy fabric softener liquid to keep your clothes smelling fresh and feeling cuddly soft, even days after you wash them.

    An image of fabric softener liquid

    24. A pack of 240-count fabric softener dryer sheets for making your clothes and sheets smell like they've been hanging out on the clothesline, even if you live in a city apartment.

    An image of a pack of 240-count dryer sheets

    25. A 10-cup water filter pitcher for filtering chlorine out of your water, so your coffee and tea won't have a weird aftertaste.

    A 10-cup water filter pitcher

    26. A three-piece bathroom hardware set for making your unfinished bathroom look a little more complete, even if you still have a lot more to do.

    A three-piece bathroom hardware set

    27. A smartclock that isn't too high-tech, so it won't feel intimating to all you fellow technophobes (*raises hand*) out there.

    An image of a smart clock

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