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    21 Of The Best Rugs You Can Get At Walmart

    Time to hook you up with your very own magic carpet.

    1. An abstract area rug because who says basic = boring? This little beauty boasts a mesmerizing swirl of blue and grey hues that helps those old, lifeless hardwood floors feel young again. Plus, reviewers say there's no pilling or annoying fuzzies when you vacuum this rug, so maintaining it will be easy peasy. Finally! A new area or entryway rug that can handle all of life's shenanigans.

    The abstract area rug

    2. A loomed area carpet that'll totally take those floors to the next level. Rich in beige, cream, and brown colors, this rug helps any room pop, without being too overpowering. Go ahead, kick back, relax, and enjoy that living room upgrade.

    The loomed area rug

    3. A jute braided round rug for those who find comfort in warm tones or whimsical Bohemian decor aesthetics. Perfect for under the living room coffee table, near your desk, in your bedroom, etc. Just be sure to place a rug pad underneath, so this little gem can keep on living out its best life.

    The jute braided round rug

    4. An oversized floral accent rug, which btw, is completely machine washable, so next time you spill red wine or tomato sauce on it, you'll hear Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" in your head instead of the music from the Psycho shower scene.

    The floral accent runner rug

    5. A faux sheepskin shag rug to make your boudoir look more glamorous than before. Mint, baby pink, ivory — you've got 13 eye-catching colors to choose from. Ready to do the happy dance? Bonus: Reviewers say this rug doesn't shed, so you won't find any stray fibers in places they shouldn't be.

    A yellow faux sheepskin shag rug

    6. Or a faux cowhide area rug if you want to add some cowboy charm to your room. Anyone else dying to live out their Cowgirl Barbie dreams after seeing those latest set pics from the new Barbie movie?? No? Don't lie.

    The faux cowhide area rug

    7. A multicolor southwestern indoor-outdoor rug so you'll have something to use all over the place throughout the year. And don't worry, this baby is water resistant, so it can stand up to minor spills as well as major downpours.

    The southwestern indoor outdoor rug on a patio

    8. A modern faux fur rug, because Leo season is coming, so if you're looking to tap into your wild side, this rug will definitely help you do just that. Plus, this rug is ridiculously soft — so soft that if you randomly decided to sleep on it, it would feel like sleeping on a fluffy piece of cotton candy. Sighhh...

    The soft modern faux fur rug

    9. A teal blue area rug available in six sizes, so you'll have one to use as a runner, an area rug, *and* a kitchen mat. Reviewers love this rug because it's both affordable and super durable. Plus, if your pad is lacking some color, this will definitely brighten up the place.

    The teal blue rug

    10. An outdoor area rug if your porch could use a little something to pizzazz it up. And if you are looking for an easy way to hide dings and cracks on your deck, rest assured that this rug's print will keep wandering (not to mention judgmental) eyes away. Phew!

    The medallion outdoor area rug

    11. A tropical area rug, so you'll have a little piece of summer to hold on to all year long, even when it's cold and gray out (*sobs*).

    The tropical area rug

    12. A grid area rug, which, btw, boasts warm and flattering tones that'll tie into any kind of decor aesthetic. Soft, and also stain resistant, this rug is a MUST for all those high-traffic areas in your place.

    The grid area rug

    13. A kid's area rug for the playroom, so not only is playtime a lot safer, but now, your little ones' room will have its very own vibe to it. The even better news is that this area rug is machine washable, so next time craft or snack time goes awry, you'll be able to remove those pesky stains in a jiffy.

    The kids area rug with colorful handprint print

    14. A vintage floral rug that'll instantly receive countless "oohs" and "ahs" from your guests. It's giving me some serious magic carpet vibes, so fingers crossed it starts flying once placed in your home.

    An image of a vintage floral rug

    15. A shag area rug if you want something thinner and lighter you can use near your sliding door or entryway. Fully machine-washable, this rug can keep dirt and mud from tracking everywhere in the house. Bye bye random dirt you find everywhere!

    The shag area rug

    16. A geometric shag rug, so you can dress up your bare bathroom or hallway with the love it deserves. Thanks to a soft and shaggy texture, this rug will also feel oh-so-nice on your feet after a long day at the office.

    The geometric shag rug

    17. A modern blue area rug, because if you can't get down to the beach this summer, this swirl of cerulean colors will make you feel like the merperson you secretly wish you were.

    The modern blue area rug

    18. A Turkish-style area rug for nailing that "I totally bought this traveling abroad" look even if you haven't renewed your passport in, like...actual decades. Available in six sizes and featuring a gorgeous melody of colors, expect this rug to give your family room a major facelift.

    The Turkish-style area rug

    19. A round braided area rug to add some drama here, some intrigue there, and, above all, color EVERYWHERE. I mean, that fuchsia color is simply too #BarbieCore to handle!

    The pink fuchsia braided round area rug

    20. A marble transitional area rug with the perfect amount of pile, so your feet feel nice and snug when placed on top. And since its color scheme is functional but equally attention-grabbing, you can rest easy knowing that it doesn't look anything like your parent's dated rugs from the Stone Age.

    The marble transitional area rug

    21. And a polka dot area rug if you're not really into the whole beige, brown, or black color rug shindig. Perfect for some fun color in the kiddos' room or to add some retro flair to a fully adult home. We support both options.

    The polka dot area rug

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