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    16 Of The Best Bed Frames You Can Get At Target

    Sturdy and stylish frames that'll give your mattress (and your bedroom decor) a boost.

    1. A stylish faux leather bed frame that is sturdy and easy to assemble thanks to its four wood cross slats. While you'll have to use a box spring with this bed frame, it is still a simple, affordable way to give your bedroom a modern refresh.

    2. A twin steel platform frame for your guest room, kid's room, or, of course, your own bedroom. Unlike some wooden bed frames, this one isn't squeaky, so if you've been sleeping in an old, creaky bed that basically wakes you up every time you roll over, this is for you.

    A image of steel platform frame

    3. A four-post canopy bed frame that'll do definitely its part to make you feel like nobility. After all, when you drape curtains on top, your bed will look straight out of a scene from Downton Abbey. In addition to its elegant look, this bed frame offers plenty of support with strong legs and storage space below.

    4. A wooden platform bed frame if you have a knack for rustic-inspired decor. This frame comes in six colors, so you can indulge in a sophisticated modern look with black or go for ~shabby chic~ vibes with a natural wood finish.

    the bed frame in gray

    5. A wingback-style upholstered platform bed frame, because if you are itching to give your bedroom a French Country-inspired makeover, this piece channels all the elegant and romantic vibes you love.

    A image of a wingback platform bed frame

    6. A metal platform bed frame that is completely collapsible, so you'll never again have to fear wrecking your overnight guests' backs by making them sleep on your lumpy couch. And if you choose to use it as your full-time bed, this platform frame offers plenty of storage space below — so you can stow storage bags and shoe boxes with ease.

    An image of a metal bed frame

    7. A minimalist style bedframe if, of course, you want the star focus of your room to be your plant collection. Hot sleepers will love this frame's 14 wooden slats, which promote a good amount of airflow. Now, you won't have to take off layers of blankets at night just so you can sleep cooly.

    An image of a minimalist-style bed frame

    8. A studio platform bed frame that doesn't need a boxspring — simply place your mattress on top of the frame and get ready to have the best shut-eye of your life. The frame also has wooden slats for support, so you won't have to worry about the mattress sagging through the frame.

    An image of a studio platform bed frame

    9. A contemporary bed frame with a pine footboard and black steel frame construction, to put the finishing touches on your industrial-style bedroom update. This bed frame pairs nicely with a box spring, and its included tools allows you to assemble it quickly.

    An image of a modern-inspired bed frame

    10. An elevated steel bed frame if you want something that will allow your mattress to sit higher off the ground. Plus, though this frame is sturdy — it can support 1,500+ pounds — it's also easy to move around, so you can change your bed's direction whenever the mood strikes and it has plenty of storage space underneath.

    An image of a steel deluxe bed frame

    11. A foldable bed frame for wherever life takes you. After all, if you are in-between places at the moment, you don't need to make do with an inflatable mattress or other temporary measure — this bed frame can be carried, folded, and fit into a car easily.

    An image of a foldable bed frame

    12. A wooden bed frame so timeless you can use it for years and years to come. This bed frame also features foam padded and nonslip tape, so it'll never squeak or move no matter how many times you toss and turn at night.

    An image of a wooden bedframe available in full and queen sizes

    13. A platform bed frame with a headboard included because life is already super complicated right now, so why not grab a bed frame that includes as much as possible? Reviewers really appreciate the sleek and modern look of this bed frame, and that it takes under an hour to assemble.

    An image of a metal platform bed frame with a headboard included

    14. A carbon steel bed frame to fit into your modern minimalist aesthetic. This steel bed frame isn't just attractive — it can hold weight well, so the whole family can have a new place to enjoy movie nights together.

    An image of a carbon steel metal bed frame

    15. A simple metal bed base because hundreds of five-star reviewers suggest that this base is easy to set up, that it is squeak-proof, and that it keeps your sagging mattress straight. Finally! A good — and back ache-free — night's sleep is within reach!

    An image of a black metal bed base

    16. A low-profile queen-sized bed frame because who wouldn't want a piece of bedroom furniture that is functional and timeless? The even better news? This bedframe has sturdy wooden slats, so you won't have to use a box spring.

    An image of a low-profile bed frame with buttoned-tufted upholstery

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