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    19 Things From Amazon That’ll Help Protect Your Home From Your Pet’s Constant Shedding

    Consider these ways to prevent your pet's shedding from wreaking havoc on your home.

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    1. A high-tech air filter, because while we love our furry friends, we all know that airborne pet hair and dander can trigger allergies (itchy skin and swollen eyes ugh). Plus, this air filter comes in different shades, allowing it to perfectly match both your home decor and your pet furniture.

    Reviewer's picture of the dust-filled air filter

    2. A super-smart small vacuum that removes hard-to-remove pet hair (even on carpets!) when you are too busy to clean — we all know you’d rather be snuggling in bed with your BFF, anyways.

    Reviewer's picture of the dirt filled vacuum

    3. An undercoat de-shedding tool that works quickly, because while our precious pooches need a good brushing every now and then, getting them to sit still during grooming is a challenge within itself.

    Reviewer using this undercoat brush to remove loose tufts from her pooch.

    4. A lint-brush style furniture brush so you can snuggle up with your kitties for hours on the couch without their fur showing up on your black clothes (looking at your leggings!) immediately.

    Reviewer holding the lint brush covered in fur in front of a pet bed

    5. A portable pet-wedge hair remover that can be also used inside your car — while you love cruising with your furry bestie on lazy Sundays, next time you carpool, your coworkers will be relieved to finally not get covered in hair.

    A reviewer's photo of pet hair removed by this portable tool.

    6. A dope floor mop cleaning system, because while your wet mop got you through college, it probably needs an upgrade. After all, pet hair can go EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE, and you need a strong mop to get up all that fur up.

    Reviewer's picture of sweeping up hair

    7. A dog shampoo that smells good and de-sheds for all you busy dog parents who live for double-duty products that make your lives a whole lot easier.

    8. A natural rubber carpet broom for learning while a vacuum is an absolute lifesaver, a broom works a lot faster. Plus, it also has a squeegee edge, allowing you to use it whenever your pet has accidents on the hardwood floor.

    A reviewer's dog sat aside all the hair removed from this carpet broom.

    9. A detangling brush that is a must for long-haired dogs — some pooches can be double-coated, so they tend to shed a lot more.

    10. A sturdy undercoat rake for long-haired fur babies, because while they are fuzzy and oh-so-cuddly, their undercoats can be a royal pain to de-shed.

    Reviewer's cat next to a large pile of fur and the grooming brush

    11. A hard-working grooming brush made for kitties of all ages. While cats are one of the purest things on the planet, their hair can show up in places (vents, under the fridge, etc.) you least expect.

    A reviewer's cat who likes brushing up on this grooming brush.

    12. A three-in-one grooming glove for pet parents who hate using brushes. After all, petting and grooming your best friend simultaneously is a lot easier anyways.

    A reviewer's photo of cat hair removed by this tool.

    13. A no-nonsense de-shedding tool so even the fussiest of pets will actually enjoy being brushed.

    A reviewer's photo of a successful grooming session done in under five minutes.

    14. Joint chews that will come in handy if your friend constantly sheds, or is in need of some serious itch relief. And because they are fish oil and cheese flavored, your pooch will surely be begging you for more.

    A reviewer's photo of all her beautiful fur children.

    15. A cordless wet/dry vacuum, because while we love our furry children dearly, accidents of all kinds can strike when you least expect them to, making it better to be safe than sorry.

    A reviewer's image of the wet/dry vaccum.

    16. A hair-proof pet blanket that is also waterproof, sparing your bed from loose hairs (and even wine spills) next time it’s a Netflix night in bed with your BFF.

    Reviewer's dog lounging in bed.

    17. A pet hair-collecting sofa protector for larger-sized couches, especially if all your children want to join you in your next binge-a-thon.

    A reviewer's dog sleeping comfortably on a sofa protector

    18. A pet hair brush that is double-sided, meaning it can remove fur twice as fast, and can fit comfortably in your purse or work bag for hair-removal emergencies.

    A reviewer's photo of pet hair removed from their couch.

    19. A handheld vacuum – not only is it cordless, but also cleans up super annoying cat litter spills and dry dog food messes in a jiffy.

    Person reaching the corners of their couch cushions with the small vacuum

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