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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Affordably Update Your Bathroom

    Some towels, shower curtains, and storage furniture to make your bathroom the coolest room in the house.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 24-piece towel set so you won't have to dig deep into the bathroom closet to find a clean one.

    A 24-piece towel set

    2. A 15-piece shower set, which comes in a marble print, so your bathroom will look like the spa bathroom of your dreams.

    The 15-piece shower set in a marble print

    3. An over-the-toilet space saver so you can stop your skincare product hauls from taking over your bathroom sink. Plus, it's also a great place to store toilet paper, so you'll know exactly where it is once it's time to change the roll.

    An over-the-toilet space saver

    4. A three-tier shower caddy that comes with an extension pole, so all of your essentials stay nice and tidy in your shower corner.

    The three-tier shower caddy with an extension pole

    5. A set of two stainless steel garbage cans for storing trash and updating your bathroom with some shabby-chic vibes.

    A set of two stainless steel garbage cans

    6. A beveled mirror, if the cracking medicine cabinet mirror in your bathroom has seen better days.

    the mirror

    7. A shower head (with 30 settings) to make your shower feel like an undiscovered desert oasis each time you use it.

    A shower head with 30 settings

    8. A toilet paper holder and dispenser because there's nothing worse than trying to go and realizing there's no toilet paper left to use.

    The toilet paper holder and dispenser

    9. A towel ring for the bathroom, so you have a place to hang up those pretty monogrammed hand towels (and washcloths) you got as a housewarming gift.

    a towel hanging on the ring

    10. A textured, memory foam bathmat that is non-slip and extremely absorbent, so your feetry fast, and you won't slip and fall on the floor.

    The memory bath mat on a bathroom floor

    11. A 17-piece bathroom set for making your bathroom look it won a makeover on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    the shower curtain

    12. A glass vanity jar if your bathroom decor theme is industrial, farmhouse, or Parisian chic.

    The glass vanity jar filled with cotton swabs

    13. A four-drawer bathroom cabinet storage cupboard to provide easy cleanup in your bathroom whenever unexpected guests show up.

    A four-drawer bathroom cabinet storage cupboard

    14. A six-tier bathroom storage shelving unit because there are only so many things you can stuff inside your vanity drawers.

    The six-tier bathroom storage shelving unit

    15. A bathroom storage wall cabinet, which comes with one open shelf, and two interior shelves, so you can store everything from soap to toilet paper to cleaning products above your toilet.

    The bathroom storage wall cabinet

    16. A set of bronze rollerball shower hooks to match your new rose gold shower curtain perfectly. After all, there is nothing better than some warm tones brightening up your bathroom.

    A pair of rollberball shower hooks

    17. And! A curved adjustable shower curtain rod for making your shower look like it belongs in a charming boutique hotel.

    An adjustable shower curtain rod

    18. An over-the-door towel rack, so your towels and clothes have a place to hang instead of the dirty clothes pile.

    An over-the-shower door towel rack

    19. An easy-hang shower curtain tension rod if your current rod keeps falling down whenever you're showering.

    An easy-hang shower curtain tension rod

    20. A paisley-printed bath towel for adding some vintage charm to your towel rack.

    The floral printed towel in blue and gray

    21. A 6-liter garbage can, because if you haven't changed your bathroom garbage solutions in a while, here is your sign.

    A six-liter garbage can

    22. A set of shower curtain hooks that are designed not to rust so you won't have to change them every year.

    The non-rust shower curtain hooks

    23. A pull-out storage unit so you can have your cleaning supplies close by whenever a bathroom emergency decides to rear its ugly head.

    The pull-out storage unit

    24. A faux marble vanity tray for the bathroom if you overslept and don't want to waste time searching for your favorite perfume, serum, or sunscreen products.

    A faux marble vanity tray

    25. A seven-piece bathroom accessory set to match your bathroom's monochromatic theme to a tee.

    A seven-piece bathroom accessories set

    26. A five-piece bath set for keeping all your shower essentials in the perfect place, so you won't have to ask your roommate to bring them to you.

    The set

    27. A bamboo bath caddy tray, which holds everything from electronics to wine to food, so you can make 'me time' even more relaxing.

    An image of a woman using a bamboo bath caddy tray

    28. An over-the-door hanger (that comes with towel racks and hooks) so you have a place to store body brushes, loofahs, and shower caps.

    An over-the-door hanger with towel racks and hooks

    29. A wastebasket that comes in a variety of colors so it can fit in nicely in aesthetic whether it's minimalist or bohemian-chic.

    An image of a wastebasket in the bathroom

    30. A pack of 36 washcloths, because let's be honest: you can never have enough of these.

    A pack of 36 washcloths

    31. A collapsible laundry hamper for the bathroom to keep dirty (and stinky) clothes out of sight.

    An image of a collapsible double sorter bathroom laundry hamper

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