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    23 Tweets That Will Make Any Binge-Watcher Laugh And Say "Same"

    Why have a summer romance when you could jump into bed with Netflix?



    Every summer I think I'll finally get a summer romance but I really just end up binge watching a whole new show and fall in love with that.


    binge watching shows is great but when it's over ur life has like no purpose


    My sister and her husband cancel their plans to get wine drunk and binge watch Netflix shows. That's the kinda marriage I want


    Status: unemployed but w/ lots of free time to binge watch series and eat


    That moment in between netflix episodes when you see your reflection on the black screen and wonder what you are doing with your life


    When it's 2AM and you're 55 minutes away from finishing a whole season


    In car with an 81 year old woman who just admitted she stopped being an early riser because she has been "binge watching Game of Thrones"


    "Hey what're you doing today?" "Watching season 2 of The Office." "Uhh... Like the whole thing?" "Yeah, mom. Get out of my pillow fort."


    when ur in bed binge watching a series on netflix while on snapchat and accidentally snap an off-guard selfie:


    nothing's better than binge watching netflix after a long day of dealing with strangers ignoring me when i'm paid to be nice


    It's weird how you start watching a Netflix series and it becomes your whole life "You coming out tonight?" Can't season 2 episode 1


    Sometimes when I'm binge watching Netflix, I remember that when these shows were on tv people had to wait a week to…


    there are ten bars within half a mile from my apartment and all im doing is binge watching teen titans happy Friday


    "You seem like a productive person" Actually when I'm at home I'm usually binge watching documentaries about outer space


    What's my perfect day? Taking 4 naps and binge watching criminal minds


    Shoutout to netflix for being the only one that checks in on me every few hours. "Are you still watching?" Yeah babe, thanks for asking.


    Me after I've finished binge watching a show for like nine seasons and I don't know who I am anymore


    me: gets macbook and beats for uni... also me: uses these items to binge watch the walking dead


    Came home today to my mom and my little brother fighting because he was binge watching pretty little liars w/o her


    Tonight I'm wondering why my Guidance Councillor in school didn't recommend a career path of drinking wine & binge watching shows


    No Im not a 22 year old grad student binge watching a Disney sitcom instead of the 1,000 other things I have to wor…


    I'm so lost when I finish a Netflix series. It's really the perfect metaphor for my life: done with one thing, but no clue what to do next.