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21 Walks You Won't Believe Are Actually In Tasmania

No wonder Tasmanians never come to the mainland.

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1. Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit.

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This 11km circuit will take you from the lookout, down into Wineglass Bay, and along the gorgeous coastal path where you'll experience the beauty of the Freycinet National Park.

2. Tahune AirWalk.

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The Tahune AirWalk is a 1.6km trek that takes you 20 metres above the Huon forest giving you a birds-eye view of the beautiful Tasmanian wilderness.

3. Waterfall Bay.

Waterfall Bay is a stunning 1-1.5 hour return walk that includes views of some of the highest sea cliffs in Australia.

4. Organ Pipes, Mount Wellington.

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The 3 hour return walk will take you to one of the most defining features of Mount Wellington, the Organ Pipes, (which were formed during the Jurassic period). Bonus: From the top, you will get one of the best views of Hobart.

5. Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park.

At only 600m, Russell Falls is the perfect short walk for a quick afternoon getaway. If you’re there as night-time arrives, you might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the glow worms that live among the vegetation.

6. Cradle Mountain Summit.

The 6-8 hour walk up to the Cradle Mountain summit is definitely worth it for the views. If you're game, you can always return at a later date and do the full six-day Cradle Mountain hike.

The 6-8 hour walk up to the Cradle Mountain summit is definitely worth it for the views. If you're game, you can always return at a later date and do the full six-day Cradle Mountain hike.

7. Alum Cliffs.

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A short 40-50 minute return walk will take you to the top of the forest lookout, high above the Mersey River.

8. Hartz Peak.

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Hartz Peak is a 3-5 hour return walk that has epic views of the Southwest Tasmanian wilderness. You might even get a chance to spot the Moss Froglet which was only discovered in 1992.

9. Nelson Falls.

A brief 20 minute return walk, Nelson Falls is a great stop for any Tassie road trip. If you're up for some learning, the walk also features informative signs which will take you back in time to when Tasmania was part of the supercontinent Gondwana.

10. Labillardiere Peninsula Walk.

Located on Bruny Island, this 5 hour walk will take you to the more remote areas of the island to reveal some stunning views of the Southern Ranges.

11. Fossil Cliffs.

The Fossil Cliffs walk is a 4.5km circuit on Tasmania's Maria Island that is not to be missed. The Cliffs are believed to be 16 metres deep, with shellfish fossils embedded in the limestone.

12. Apsley River Waterhole and Gorge.

Located in the Douglas-Apsley National Park, this 2-3 hour return walk will take you down to the Apsley River waterhole and then through to the open forest.

13. Meander Falls.

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The 10km return walk will get you close to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tassie. If you're game enough, you can even tackle this walk in winter and potentially witness it looking like Narnia.

14. Tamar Island.

Just a 10 minute drive south of Launceston, the 4km return walk takes you through the wetlands and across the river channel to Tamar Island.

15. Cape Raoul.

The 5 hour return walk at Cape Raoul features some of Tasmania's most stunning seascape views.

16. Hogarth Falls.

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Located in Strahan, the walk to Hogarth Falls will only take you around 40-50 minutes. The track is adjacent to the Botantical Creek and, if you're lucky, you may be able to see some of the platypuses that call the creek home.

17. Castle Rock, Flinders Island.

Located on the remote Flinders Island, the 6.6km return walk to Castle Rock will show off the massive granite boulder on the shoreline of Marshall Beach.

18. Leven Canyon.

A 45 minute drive from Ulverstone, the 1.2km circuit to Cruickshanks Lookout will take you 275 metres above the Leven River.

19. St Columba Falls.

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A short 30 minute drive from St Helens, St Columba Falls is a 1.2km return walk. The track leads to the base of one of Tassie's highest falls.

20. Bishop and Clerk.

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Located on Maria Island, this challenging 3-5 hour return walk is seriously one to put on the bucket list. The walk offers incredible views of not only Maria Island, but also the shoreline of Freycinet National Park.

21. South Cape Bay.

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Located at the southernmost tip of Australia, this 4 hour return walk will take you as close as you probably will ever get to Antartica.