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19 Questions About The NRL That AFL Fans Want Answered

What in the world is a Rabbitoh?

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1. Why do you pass the ball backwards?

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2. Why is your field a rectangle?

Paul Harris

3. What's the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

4. Why do NRL players just run towards a wall of people?

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5. Doesn't that, like, really hurt?

6. Also why do players kick the ball through the goal posts after a try?


7. Didn't you just score?

8. What is the point of this little bar on your goal posts?

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9. Why do NRL players always dive in order to score a try?

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10. Don't you get awful grass burns?

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11. Why is a Victorian team so far ahead in what is basically a NSW and QLD sport?

12. And why is it called the National Rugby League if there is a team from New Zealand?

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13. Do people actually show up for NRL games?

Mark Kolbe / Getty Images, Scott Barbour / Getty Images

14. What in the world is a Rabbitoh?

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15. Why is the State of Origin held during a normal season?

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16. Doesn't that mean that players are more prone to injury during the season?

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17. Why do NRL players wear shirts that hide those sweet, sweet arms?

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18. Seriously, why would you want to cover up those bad boys?

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19. And, finally, why do you still have cheerleaders?

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