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    If You’re Finally Ready To Invest In High-Quality Furniture, You Might Love These 28 Pieces From Wayfair

    It's a big step, but we're here to guide you.

    1. A six-drawer double dresser to give your room that sleek look without compromising storage space.

    The dresser in walnut

    2. A glass coffee table set that adds a touch of subtle elegance to any room. The modern criss-cross pattern will have you desperate to show off this stylish piece to your friends.

    The table set

    3. A cozy sofa to add comfort and style to your home. Plus, with over 152 different colors to choose from, there's bound to be one that fits your aesthetic.

    The sofa in classic bleach white

    4. An etagere bookcase that's basically the equivalent of a massive cabinet. With eight open spaces to display decorations and be used as storage, this piece will swiftly become your best friend.

    The bookcase in gray driftwood

    5. A vanity table and mirror with Hollywood-style lights because of course you should feel like a star every day. Don't accept anything less than the glamorous treatment you deserve for the rest of the day.

    The vanity set

    6. A mid-century double dresser that gives off intense futuristic vibes. The white finish contrasted by walnut handles makes this piece a standout from the first look.

    The dresser

    7. A Mercury Row platform bed to give an industrial-style look to your room without sacrificing space. Crafted from solid wood, this bed is not only stylish but sturdy as well.

    The bed

    8. A two-door accent cabinet that allows you to show off your more elegant decor on top and hide the messes you don't want people to see behind closed doors.

    The cabinet in distressed gray

    9. A counter-height dining set, which can be used in your kitchen or as a workspace during these COVID times. It's your home, do what you want.

    the marble topped table and two chairs

    10. A velvet flared-arm sofa, because life's too short for boring living room furniture. This piece brings a touch of color into your home while maintaining a sense of quality.

    The pink sofa

    11. An elegant dressing table with a massive mirror so you can check your outfit and do your makeup all in one place. What more can you ask for?

    The table in white

    12. A beautiful armoire, because not only is it fun to say, it also provides a significant amount of storage space for your room. Plus, it comes with a mirror so you don't have to buy one separately.

    The armoire in white

    13. An upholstered low-profile platform bed to give your room a modern look. Clean and sleek, this high-quality bed will have you counting down the minutes until you get to go back to sleep.

    The bed in light gray

    14. A stand-alone kitchen pantry that's stylish and functional. With four-door cupboards, a drawer, and an open shelf, this piece could be used in virtually any room for storage space.

    The pantry

    15. A rose gold vanity set that will make you feel like royalty in a faraway kingdom every day. Pour yourself a cup of tea and admire your regal self in the mirror.

    The vanity set and mirror

    16. A Novogratz canopy bed to go along with your royal decor vibes. With a minimal silhouette, this eye-catching piece speaks for itself.

    17. A rolling bar cart that has every little thing you could ever wish for: space for bottles, racks for glasses, and wheels for easy transport.

    the round gold bar cart

    18. A corner bookcase, because how ~fancy~ is it to say you have a bookcase in your bedroom? Seriously, this versatile piece gives you all the space you need without taking up too much room.

    The bookcase in antique white

    19. A left-hand facing sectional that offers the most comfortable place to relax after an exhausting day of working from home. Plus, the set comes with an ottoman that offers additional storage space.

    The sectional in black

    20. A Z-frame wardrobe to display your most sophisticated outfit staples. Plus, it functions as a drying rack for those pieces that can't withstand the dryer.

    The open-face wardrobe

    21. An elegant coffee-and-two-end-tables set because you deserve to have a place to put both your feet and your drink. End of story.

    The coffee and end tables

    22. A Birch Lane kitchen island with an antique finish to add a rustic charm to your home. This piece is perfect for preparing meals or having a quick drink with your S.O.

    The island in oak

    23. A tuxedo arm loveseat that honestly gives me Little Mermaid vibes and will easily spice up any space you decide to put it in.

    The loveseat in pink

    24. An 18-bottle wine rack to hold all your after-work libations. Don't worry if you don't have 18 wine bottles at home, it's called manifestation. Some day you will.

    The wine rack

    25. A standing desk for your home office because we're pretty much WFH-ing it for the foreseeable future. Might as well invest.

    The desk in black/gray

    26. A front-hall tree that provides the perfect storage space for your guests and you. No more throwing jackets in a random room — just hang them by the front door.

    The hall tree

    27. A mod armchair for that desk you never leave anymore. Or you use it as a decorative piece throughout your home.

    The chair in gray

    28. An antique nightstand that has one drawer for storage but plenty of open space to show off your reading material. The best part: a pull-out drink tray. Ideal.

    The nightstand in antique gray

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