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    28 Practical Things You'll Want To Keep In Your Bag

    Yes, pocket planners and portable speakers are necessities. I won't be taking questions.

    1. A pocket planner so you can have your daily schedule on you at all times. This will come in so handy when you need to make note of an appointment (or a future happy hour) before you forget.

    the pocket planner with watercolor cacti pattern and a pen in the pen holder

    2. A pack of multicolored pens to keep your aforementioned pocket planner organized and beautiful. Color code your appointments and hangout sessions and you'll never have to wonder whether the next thing on your calendar is a chore or a party.

    3. A tube of Glossier's Ultralip to give you the feeling of lip balm with a hint of color to spice up your day. Not only will this lip necessity be the perfect thing when your lips get chapped, it will also add a touch of glamour to an otherwise ordinary day.

    4. A bottle of dry shampoo that will come in handy on those humid days when you seem to be drenched in sweat by noon. Give your hair a spritz of this and you'll be ready for your next meeting.

    5. A portable fan so you can stay cool in the summer heat. Carry this thing in your bag when there's no breeze whatsoever and you can't take it anymore. Plus, it's rechargeable so you can plug it into a car or power bank and stay cool all day.

    the portable fan with charger

    6. A pair of folding scissors because while they might not seem necessary, you never know when you're going to need to cut a rogue thread from a shirt or a tag from those sunglasses you just *had* to buy.

    7. A four-pack of gum for those days you were just craving garlic fries for lunch and now have to rush off to meet a friend. Also, gum is just good to have around for a refreshing burst during the day — even if the only human contact you have is winking at yourself in the mirror. ;)

    the pack of spearmint gum

    8. A box of plant-based No Cow protein bars so you can get all the protein you need for a productive day. AND they come in mouth-watering flavors like cookies 'n' cream, blueberry cobbler, birthday cake, peanut butter, lemon meringue and s'mores. YES PLEASE!

    two of the cookies n cream no cow protein bars

    9. A pair of stylish sunglasses in case you forget your go-to pair at home. Nothing worse than being blinded by the sun while driving or walking down the street. Keep a cute pair of sunnies in your bag at all times so this problem is never unsolvable.

    10. A 40-ounce insulated S'well water bottle because there's nothing worse than warm water in the middle of the day. This super cute water bottle will keep all your cold beverages *chilly* and your hot bevies *steamy.*

    model holding the pink topaz traveler in front of their jeans

    11. A portable charger so you don't have to worry about running out of juice when trying to order an Uber home at the end of a long day. Just make sure you pack a cord too!

    reviewer photo of the black and white chargers

    12. An extra mascara for those days when you need to freshen up by 1 p.m. Or maybe you just didn't have time to throw any on this morning and have to finish your glam on the bus.

    13. A bunch of super cute scrunchies to tie your hair back when you just can't deal with it anymore. Having these in your bag is great on days when you don't feel like wearing one on your wrist but know you're going to throw your hair up later.

    14. A small wallet that will take up minimal space in your bag so you can keep all the other essentials on this list in there as well. Get rid of the receipts, keep the necessities (ID, cards, local coffee shop punch card) and make room for everything else!

    15. A tube of slightly-tinted Think face sunscreen because putting sunscreen on daily is important—your skin and mom will thank you—and it's always good to have a gentle, nontoxic option for reapplication throughout the day. Plus, it acts as a great makeup base and the slight tint reduces whitening from trace minerals.

    16. A little bottle of Mio water enhancer for those people who know they need to drink more water throughout the day but just can't seem to convince themselves to do it. These water enhancers will help you keep hydrated and not feel like you're drinking nothing.

    reviewer photo of the four pack of water enhancers

    17. A pair of wireless noise-cancelling earbuds for when people try to talk to you on the subway and you want to be left alone. Or maybe you feel like the star of your own movie and need a fire soundtrack to listen to while walking down the street. No matter the scenario, these babies are never a bad idea.

    18. A light-up compact mirror so you can give yourself a once over before that job interview. Or maybe you just like looking at yourself throughout the day — no judgment here!

    19. A bottle of lavender-scented hand sanitizer because we know by now that it's never a bad thing to sanitize your hands after being out in public. Instead of smelling like rubbing alcohol all day, spritz this fresh scent on your hands for an aromatic recharge.

    the bottle of lavender hand sanitizer

    20. A four-pack of Burt's Bees lip balm that will be so refreshing when you can feel the sun literally baking the skin on your lips. Now you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving your lip balm at home because you keep a spare one (or four) in your bag at all times.

    reviewer holding four lip balms in different flavors in hand

    21. A bottle of setting spray so you can give yourself a mist if you feel your makeup starting to slip. Plus you'll be the favorite friend in the group with this always on your person.

    22. A mini moisturizer set to keep your skin smooth throughout the day, especially after all the hand-washing and sanitizing. This pack comes with three travel-size lotion options so you can choose if you want to hydrate + nourish, hydrate + refresh, or keep it classic with all-day moisture.

    23. A self-defense key chain that, hopefully, you never have to use but is good to keep on you just in case (better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it). Plus it has a light that will come in handy if your phone dies and you need to see where you're walking.

    the keychain with alarm, glass breaker, bottle opener, hand sanitizer and poof

    24. A reusable and foldable grocery bag since single-use plastics are not the vibe anymore. With this in your bag you never have to worry about accidentally forgetting your reusable bag when shopping.

    reviewer image of two of the bags folded up

    25. A pack of washable masks in case you forget your face coverings at home. These super cute, breathable masks are important to have around no matter what.

    26. A Tide pen because you never know when you're going to accidentally spill a drop of pasta sauce on your white pants during a night out. These are a necessity.

    27. A pack of super cute floral sticky notes for a pretty way to leave yourself (and others) messages and reminders.

    28. And a small JBL Bluetooth speaker that you can whip out whenever you're at a gathering that desperately needs a better soundtrack. Having this in (or clipped on) your bag will make you stand out because you always have the tunes.

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