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    Kevin Bacon Trolled His Daughter Sosie Bacon Over Her "Mare Of Easttown" Role And She Loved It

    Safe to say, people are a little shocked.

    ICYMI: Mare of Easttown aired its finale on Sunday.

    Kate Winslet in "Mare of Easttown"
    Michele K. Short / HBO

    The HBO Max original series starring Kate Winslet attracted a bevy of dedicated fans enticed by the show's twists and turns throughout the season.

    Kate Winslet sitting at a table with John Douglas Thompson as police Chief Carter in "Mare of Easttown"
    Sarah Shatz / HBO

    Even now, after the show has wrapped, the surprises keep coming. Most recently, fans were shocked to learn that Carrie Layden, the former girlfriend of Mare's late son, is played by none other than Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's daughter, Sosie Bacon.

    I’m watching the mare finale!! I just googled Drew’s mum because I like her and found out she’s Kevin Bacon’s daughter irl! The more you know. Anyway

    @Brocklesnitch / Via

    Can confirm that people did not know that was Sosie Bacon. (It’s me. I’m people.)

    @IsThisThingOn31 / Via

    I was surprised too — then I saw a photo of Kevin and Sosie together.

    Kevin even poked fun at his daughter on the show, posting a sweet video on Instagram.

    "I can't remember her last name, but she's good, plays the junkie with the little kid and stuff. Anyway, that's all, just a good show. I like it."

    It's safe to say that fans are appreciating the fact that this power couple's daughter can hold her own on a show as great as Mare of Easttown.

    Holy moly Sosie Bacon was amazing!!! 👏🏻 #MareOfEasttown

    @BookBellas / Via

    Okay, so, Season 2, anybody???

    Sosie Bacon leaning across a table talking to Kate Winslet in "Mare of Easttown"
    Michele K. Short / HBO

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