11 Things That Just Aren’t Worth The Savings

Everyone loves a good deal. But some things just aren’t worth the savings, much less the trouble.

1. Low-quality toilet paper


You know why this is important.

2. Gas station sushi

Raw fish does not mean fresh fish.

3. DIY plumbing projects

It’ll just get worse and worse. Pay a plumber for crying out loud.

4. Cheap hostels

We’ve all heard enough horror stories…

5. Cheap fabric blends

L. Roberts

Those clothes were made to fall apart after one season. It ain’t the quality we deserve!

6. Sketchy car mechanics

You never know what they’re really doing with your car.

7. That itchy mystery fabric sweater

Should have just stuck to cotton.

8. A used car with more problems than it’s worth

Definitely not a good way to impress a date.

9. A knockoff tablet

This ended up being a mirror neatly wrapped with cardboard and duct tape.

10. That pirated software you downloaded

Nothing is worth the blue screen of death. Nothing.

11. Bootleg DVDs

Right at the climax, all you get is static. Never fails.

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