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7 Self-Care Tips That Work From The Inside Out

When it comes to self-care, it's best to start small and gently. Cotton has your bases covered for everything cozy and cathartic.

1. Create space in your daily schedule for designated self-care time.

The term "self-care" is thrown around a lot these days, and the pressure to carry it out a certain way might seem daunting. Here's the key: Define it however you like, and ensure that it fulfills you emotionally and offers peace of mind.

2. Place an emphasis on your sleep schedule.

Research has shown that you may get a better night's sleep on cotton sheets than on sheets made from synthetic fibers, as cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat under the covers.

3. Be cognizant of your diet, but ensure that you, like, actually enjoy what you're consuming.

It's no secret that what you eat affects how you function. Eating mindfully, then, could potentially offer a plethora of benefits.

4. Move your body in a way that’s actually fun for you.

It's easier to make exercise a part of your routine when you actually like doing it. And working out in comfortable material — such as cotton — may allow for the most breathable, pleasant workout experience possible.

5. Make adjustments to your work-life balance to ensure there's actual harmony between the two.

Too much focus on work can lead to an increase in stress, opening up your mental and physical health to a trove of issues.

6. Be gentle with yourself.

We get it: Stress happens...often. Still, it does us good to take a step back and demonstrate compassion toward ourselves in moments of anguish.

7. Create a makeshift spa day.

How you enact this is totally up to you — perhaps it’s taking a long bath and then spending the rest of the day in your cozy cotton robe; maybe it materializes in drinking three smoothies in one hour; sometimes it can just take the form of painting your nails and enjoying the cozy smush of cotton balls against your fingers and toes. As long as it's relaxing and cathartic, we'd consider it a success.

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