14 Embarrassing Things That Happen To Everyone

It’s OK, you’re not alone! Talk it out with Cottonelle.

1. Tripping or losing your balance in public.

Not sure whether to laugh or pretend nothing happened.

2. Awkward yearbook photos.

Kirk Damato

It was the photographer’s fault, OK???

3. Getting caught staring at your crush.

QUICK, look the other way.

4. Answering questions at doctor’s appointments.

“Tell me about every bad thing you’ve ever done to your body, and also, could you undress for this procedure?”

5. Misconstruing text messages.

6. Going to the cash register with personal items.

Everett Collection / Via shutterstock.com

Underwear, feminine hygiene products, awkward prescriptions… pray the cashier doesn’t acknowledge it.

8. Various email faux pas.

Typos? Sending it to the wrong person? Accidentally hitting “Reply All?” Pasting the wrong URL? SO MANY BLUNDERS TO AVOID.

9. Your roommates walking in when you least expect it.

10. Your parents.

Omg stop it Mom. MOM, you don’t even understand me.

11. Cooking gross food for guests.

State Farm / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: statefarm

13. The toilet breaks when you’re using someone else’s bathroom and it wasn’t your fault and you have no idea what to do gahhhhh.


14. Basically anything that goes on in the bathroom, really.

We’re all in this together. Let’s talk about your bum at Cottonelle.

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