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10 Unexpected Ways To Make Friends

The best things happen when you least expect them. Shooting stars... proposals... and of course, making friends.

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1. When your guilty pleasure song plays at a party and you and the person next you shout "that's my jam!" at the same time.


2. When you're third wheeling and you spot another third wheel looking equally as miserable as you.

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3. When you're at your favorite fast food joint and the person in front of you orders the exact same thing that you always get.

4. You sit next to someone on a flight and realize that you're both traveling to the same place for the same purpose.

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5. When trust brings two people together in a way they never saw coming.


6. When you're in detention and you bond over the fact that the man is out to get you. / Via 142996534

7. When you're Facebook stalking someone and realize that you both make all the same derpy faces.

8. Nothing brings people together like a terrifying elevator experience.

9. When your name is called out in a coffee shop and you and the person next to you both say "here!"

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10. When you're out of toilet paper and the lifesaver in the next stall passes you some.

Friends don't let friends have a bad bum routine.

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