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    Here Are 17 Black Illustration Artists That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Up Your Instagram

    These artists are going to change the world.

    If you’re in the creative industry — be it for branding, design, art, or illustration — it can be hard to find new black artists to follow. This is especially true if you’re working in a niche market for people of color. To keep up with your fellow creatives around the globe (and at home), here are 17 talented black artists on Instagram that will make you smash that follow button!

    1. Andre Thompson

    2. Laura Coleman

    3. Sareka Unique

    4. Allie Miller

    5. Dionna G

    6. Kenya

    7. Kenya Wolf

    8. Rax

    9. Nikole's Soles

    10. L’Amour

    11. Jennifer Pearson

    12. STEPH

    13. Jordy Nicole

    14. Althea Solomons

    15. Seyilayo

    16. Shannon Camille

    17. And lastly, Dissirama