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10 Lesser Known K-Beauty Brands That Should Be On Your Radar If You Want Glowing Skin

Say hello to flawless skin!

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While Korean beauty products gain popularity in the U.S., many skincare fanatics have become familiar with famous brands like SKINFOOD, TONYMOLY and Etude House. But, with a $2.64 billion beauty industry, there are literally thousands of brands to choose from!

While Korean beauty products gain popularity in the U.S., many skincare fanatics have become familiar with famous brands like SKINFOOD, TONYMOLY and Etude House. But, with a $2.64 billion beauty industry, there are literally thousands of brands to choose from!

Here's a list of lesser known K-Beauty brands that can help you achieve glowing skin:

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1. BLITHE 'splash masks' brighten skin with gentle acids and botanicals.

What on earth are splash masks? Well, they're an innovative additive that's meant to be blended in with the water you use to cleanse your face. Patting a splash mask into your skin is like taking a 20-minute masking routine and condensing it into 15-seconds for a quick glow. BLITHE also has an impressive line of serums and essences that "awaken" dull skin.

2. BLOSSOM JEJU revives your skin with pink camellia flower extracts.

Rich in hyaluronic acid, BLOSSOM JEJU's pink label has a full 7-step Korean skincare regimen that restores moisture and provides much needed radiance to parched skin. BLOSSOM JEJU also has a gold label camellia based product line that encapsulates liposomes and deliver active botanical ingredients into skin for anti-aging purposes.

3. frudia can naturally transform your face with the power of fruit.

Packed with fruit-derived extracts, frudia is a waterless skincare line that gives you the full effect of enzymes and antioxidants. Organic serums, toners, creams and sheet masks hydrate and nourish skin, offering a beautiful and natural glow. Other benefits from frudia include pore minimizing and wrinkle smoothing results, along with adorable packaging.

4. HERA helps you get in touch with your glowing inner 'Seoulista.'

HERA is a brand that can be found in many Korean women's beauty arsenal. Using innovative cell science, HERA moisturizes and brightens skin with its Aquabolic line. Aside from providing a dewy glow, HERA also features a vast skincare collection that can help you address any other beauty concern you may have, like acne, hyperpigmentation or aging.

5. LadyKin brightens skin with broccoli and other vegetable extracts.

Never thought you'd want broccoli on your face, right? LadyKin reaffirms everything your mother told you about greens being good for you. Beside nutritional benefits, LadyKin harnesses the power of broccoli to fight wrinkles and dark marks with their Phytoplan and Elmaju lines. Additionally, LadyKin carries other hydrating and tone-enhancing products sourced from fruits and vegetables.

6. MISSHA uses science to turn back the clock and give you a flawless complexion.

MISSHA has been a high-quality beauty staple among Korean women for over a decade. The Time Revolution line has been a holy grail collection for its texture smoothing and brightening ingredients such as white truffle extract and niacinamide. Other impressive lines for glowing skin include the hydrating Super Aqua and nourishing MISA collection.

7. Oolu provides a gorgeous and organic way to pamper your skin.

Formulated by Dr. OhKims, Oolu is a brand that uses natural ingredients approved by plastic surgeons. Offering cleansing foams, oils, and a variety of moisturizers, toning mists and masks, Oolu adds much needed glow to lackluster skin. Not only will Oolu brighten skin with plant extracts, but the packaging is also beautiful. There's just something satisfying about seeing fresh leaves and flower petals in a beauty product.

8. Saturday Skin makes every day look like a refreshed weekend.

Saturday Skin is a peptide-rich line that promotes cell regeneration. Utilizing collagen boosters and natural ingredients, Saturday Skin stimulates elasticity and evens out blemished skin tones. Saturday Skin is dermatologist tested, and gentle on sensitive skin types since it's dye and fragrance free. The collection also features a cushion compact with sun protection to prevent premature aging and conceal imperfections.

9. Skin79 offers a variety of balancing products for all your skincare needs.

Skin79 has diverse collections for all beauty concerns, including acne, dryness, aging and more. Balancing toners clear pores and help skin absorb treatments. In particular, the Sue Hydrating Water is a toner that adds luminance to dull skin with advanced marine complex and alpine herbs. Skin79 also features spectacular cleansers, masks, moisturizers, BB creams and compact cushions for light coverage.

10. The History of Whoo uses ancient beauty recipes for lovely skin.

Known as a higher-end brand, The History of Whoo is based on the beauty recipes of Queen Jahee, a Chinese royal who allegedly had the skin of 17-year-old well into her 80s. Thus, all The History of Whoo products are formulated with anti-aging and brightening properties. The Hwa Hyun line retexturizes skin with a blend of ginseng, jade, deer antlers and gold for a glowing complexion.

May The Glowing K-Beauty Odds Be Ever In Your Favor. 🙏

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Han Ye-Seul, please teach us your secrets! We want to look like you when we grow up!

Share some of your favorite K-Beauty products that aren't well known in the U.S. Is there a brand you can't live without?

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