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Are You More Sean Or Sara?

There is no better way to find out than by ~SuRvEy~ ! But, our vistas do so much more than hand out surveys and I think we can all agree that we'd like to be a mixture of them both!

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  1. Top bunk or bottom bunk?

    Bottom bunk
    Top bunk
  2. Who would win in a fight: a Hotpocket or a grilled cheese sandwich?

    Obviously a Hotpocket, because it is fully enveloped in a protective, tender/flaky shield of armor, whereas grilled cheese has vulnerable cheese spots open to be targeted.
    Grilled cheese sandwich.
  3. Choose a vacation destination

    Rio de Janeiro
    Australia to play with quokkas/China to have a panda sit in your lap
  4. Is the Jacked Kangaroo a real subspecies? (plz google "jacked kangaroo" if you have never done so)

    Maybe, but probably not
    No way
    Yes 100%
  5. If you weren't at City Year, you'd be...

    Teaching your own class
    On international adventures
  6. Pick a comfort food

    Mac and cheese
    Any form of chocolate/potato/pizza
  7. Choose a spirit insect

  8. Which irrational fear scares you most?

    Taxis (totally rational if you have watched criminal minds)
    Spiders and also having to wish people a safe trip before they travel because you think something will happen to them if you don't

Are You More Sean Or Sara?

You got: Sean

Fierce, excellent, and humble!

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You got: Sara

Curious, quirky, adventurous, chocoholic, puntastic, cuddly, and analytical! Sara is interested in chocolate (She's been to various chocolate museums and such around the world), eating, cute things (esp baby animals), tea, art (making, not looking at), costuming, history, nature, crossword puzzles, napping, and psychology. Sara also has traveled to 25 countries (so far), successfully was a frozen in vitro baby, won "most sarcastic" on this program she went on, in 1st grade her stuffed animal won "most loved," can touch her tongue to her nose and independently raise both of her eyebrows, has held approximately 8 jobs and lived in 7 different places since she graduated college!!!!

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You got: Jacked Kangaroo

totally exists

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