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8 Surprising Beach Games

Ultimate frisbee? Yawn. Hackey sack? Ugh, I can't hear you over the sound of BORING. Here are eight great summer sports that you may not have known about. Head on down to the beach with some Coronas, snap some pics, and celebrate summer.

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3. Cricket

Vinay Bavdekar / Via Flickr: 23579826@N07

You may not think so, but globally, cricket is a big deal. And beach cricket, which uses a tennis ball instead of the rock-hard bystander-skull-cracking normal variety, is a big enough deal that there used to be an international tournament.

6. Ladder golf

Melanie Dueck / Via Flickr: 73550802@N04

Bocce meets Frisbee golf. There are plenty of places you can buy a ladder golf setup, but the intrepid will build their own.

(Note: We are aware this photo isn't on a beach. Use your imagination.)

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