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10 People Who Are Too Ready For Summer

Summer is just certainly the best time of the year. So it's no surprise that people look forward to it all year—just try to control yourselves. Grab some Coronas, snap some pics, and celebrate summer right.

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1. This lady who was so excited to relax that she didn't follow the instruction manual

2. This dude who mistook January for June

3. This woman who couldn't wait to fire up some dogs on the grill

jenna_nuttall / Via

4. This bro who had to turn his hallway into a slip 'n' slide

5. This corgi who waited all winter to go for a swim, only to realize he still needed to work on his dive


... but at least he knows to always follow safety first!

6. This cat who was so determined to "get a good base" for his tan that he mostly got dehydrated

7. These guys who thought a snowman could ever possibly suffice for a sand castle

Les Chatfield / Via Flickr: elsie

8. This girl who was so ready to hit the beach she forgot how to walk

9. This man who was so pumped to take out his "G6" that he forgot to check wind conditions first

ABC Family / Via

10. This self-proclaimed gymnast who thought he could impress all the ladies before even getting to the water