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13 College Habits You Outgrew So Very Fast

College was a blast and all, but there were some wild things we were all guilty of doing that now seem like light-years behind us. Continue to grow up gracefully by upgrading your whip to the Toyota Corolla.

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7. Calling the 'rents to borrow cash again because you're constantly broke...


...then promising you'll spent the $$ on groceries, but instead blow it on a night out.

9. Not cleaning your room, simply because you didn't have nagging parents telling you to.

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...then seriously regretting wearing dirty clothes to your English class when people relocate seats to be as far away from your stench as possible.

11. Or skipping class completely because your snooze button has become your significant other...


...then having to be "that person" who is always asking classmates to borrow their notes.

There are some parts of college you are so VERY done with. Fuel your Toyota Corolla with grown-up gas, and feel good about getting older.

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