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Thoughts You Have When You Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

It ain't E-Z being in the F-Z. Let Cornetto be your guide.

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You quickly eat an ice cream. Its cold touch blesses your burning innards. Your shirt is stuck to you like a second skin. It's getting quite warm. Oh god. Oh god. It's so warm.

Still breathing. Breathing's great, innit?

I'm sure this won't be weird AT ALL.

Fast forward WELL OVER AN ENTIRE DECADE, and now you wanna take it to the next level.

You know the level I'm talking about.

But then again, maybe you're UNDERthinking this. If you mess up, that'll not only be HELLA embarrassing, it could also spell the end of your friendship.

So what are you supposed to do? Just ignore your feelings and be happy that you're in a relationship with someone who values you as a friend?

You know what'll help? Cornetto – the ultimate wingman. A perfect way to make a casual acquaintance. So get your confidence up, mate. You'll be fine.

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