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    Link Building Fundamentals

    Growing up, in order to learn a sport or skill, you had to learn the fundamentals, or basics. In link building and SEO, the idea is the same. You need to have the basics learned before you will succeed. One of the basics in learning is having correct strategies.

    Having a correct strategy in link building is far more productive and helpful than all the little tactics or tricks you may have heard or even learned. So, what are some important strategies with link building?


    Just like everything else in life, in order to become successful, you need to learn to foster and grow relationships. Yes, even the hermit in a dark room working on computer software needs to be able to create and establish some form of relationship, or he/she will not have a job. What's the big deal in making an acquaintance here or there? Well, let's say someone you met once and exchanged business cards with at a conference has a website, and they reach out to contact you about linking your information. This info may or may not really flow with your site, but you may likely form a link with it because that is one of the things you do. Let's say someone else you interact with on a consistent basis contacts you because they know your work and asks you to link with their site, blog, or business page. You will be much more likely to link your site because you know them. Now you have a great connection and can form multiple links in a short time frame.

    Try to connect with people and nurture relationships. This will help you grow and expand as an SEO link builder. Do not become passive. If you do, the relationships you have will eventually dry up. Relationship maintenance is an ongoing process.

    Be Generous

    People are a lot more conscious now about companies giving back to communities. Individuals are much more likely to interact with companies who do and become loyal customers, especially if they resonate with your cause. That is not to say that you give just to get customers. Being generous just to get attention is not the right motivation, but this goes back to building relationships. If you invest in those who invest in you or invest in those who need help, this will get noticed and customers will see that your company values people and isn't only about creating profit.

    Call and They Will Come

    Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to go out and make all the contacts to initiate link building? What if people started coming to you instead of you having to try to contact others all the time? Is this a reality?

    Of course it is! You can make your sites and blogs inviting to others to come contact you to form links with their sites and blogs. How you can do this is to create your site to optimize search results for special niches, such as "guest post," "submit a post," or "become an author." This will drive traffic for people looking at your site and being interested in forming links with your content. This takes time, but if done with care can greatly increase your links.


    It seems that almost everyone wants to know an influencer. Instead of knowing, we should learn to be one. If you can become an expert in your field, people will look at your content and will take it as authority. This is very important in link building because you can create quality content and be considered an authority on the matter--others will want to link with your info and this will make your content stronger. One way to do this is to make a library of your own content and use this to show your work. This will go a long way to showing you have invested in this field and have worked hard to understand and help people excel in it. This takes time, so be patient and work hard at it.


    In order to have growth, you want conversation on your sites. Your customers and followers will feel more engaged and empowered if they are able to make comments and interact on your site because they feel like you are listening to what they have to say. It's also an easy way to get feedback about what you are doing right to attract customers and what you are doing wrong. You have to stay on top of the comments and be able to respond to questions or comments in a timely fashion, but if at all possible, this is another great way to foster relationships.

    Final Thoughts

    To succeed in SEO, you need to be strong in link building; but, to be a strong link builder, you need to have a good understanding of the fundamental strategies. If you can master these, you will continue to excel in link building and will succeed in SEO.