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Which Class Of 2019 VAC BBG Is Your Soulmate?

Which of these good lookin' gals should be your better half?

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  1. It's Saturday night, what are you up to?

    At Flanz's for a bonfire
    Facetiming Hannah Haine
    Watching Netflix
    Hanging with my best friend
    Illegal activities
  2. Dream Vacay Destination?

    Caribbean Islands
    Greek Islands
    The Bahamas
  3. You're Ordering Takeout, what do you order?

    Pizza, duh
    Literally any Asian food
  4. Favortie part about regionals?

    The Dance
    Chofesh ;)
    Hearing everyone else's stories
  5. What type of NJB are you?

    The caring and cute one
    Mature and respectful
    Shane Bishop
    Hot and Athletic
  6. Fav form of social media?

    My finsta
    The IG
    Finstas in general
  7. Favorite Eastern BBG Cheer?

    I'm just a BBG
    Ee-eye-ee-eye oh come on BBGs lets go
    BBG Heartbeat
    From MIT to MIT BBG is the shit
  8. Favorite convention snack?

    Spooey with CHOCOLATE icing
  9. Ideal first date?

    Anything with Shane Bishop
    Chipotle and a Movie
    Movie and cuddling
    Riding around downtown RVA
    Making out on a bench in Bandy Field
  10. How much do you like hippos?

    They're growing on me
    I am going to have a hippo themed wedding
    They're okay
  11. How do you spend your chofesh?

    Wishing I was hooking up
    Jamming in the lobby w mah frands
    The stairwell ;)
    The top floor ;)
  12. Convention necessity?

    Spooey with chocolate icing
    Phone charger
    Flash tats
    Fanny pack
  13. Best show to binge watch?

    The Big Bang Theory
    Parks and Rec
    Vampire Diaries

Which Class Of 2019 VAC BBG Is Your Soulmate?

You got: Corinne

This fun gal has thing for puns and musicals. She's always got her fanny pack full of necessities and is great at binge watching Netflix. She can also cook pretty great so if she ever makes dinner it's sure to be 12/10. Corinne has a thing for white turnt music playlists and will definitely force you to listen (and JAM) out to them but honestly who wouldn't want to. If you insult chinese food you're as good as dumped as it is Corinne's passion in life.

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You got: Margaux

This cute shortie loves horses (almost) as much as BBYO! She's a bit emotional but she makes up for it at those BBYO dances that bring out her crazy side. She LIVES in her leggings, birks, and bucket hat. She's just a bucket of fun!

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You got: Ariela

This orthodox Jew is the LEAST orthodox Jew you will ever meet. While hiding from her parents this pescatarian sure knows how to have a good time. She even knows how to turn up during Life!! Also known as Moes girl times with her will be the most exciting times ever. She's the most blunt person in Eastern but that's just one of her many charms!! Catch her outside at Bandy Field.

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You got: Shelby

This girlie has ALL the boys droolin for her. A bit weird but that's why we love her! She's an avid hippo lover and will definitely bring every convo back to them but thats just because she loves them so much. She wishes she lived in RVA but she comes her a few times a year for volleyball so she is basically an honorary Richmonder!

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You got: Julia

This gal is slightly emo and always down to cuddle but also won class clown and can say the alphabet backwards. Haven't seen her around at Regionals? She'll be there next year and you'll know her when you see her. Any time with Julia is a good time. Hit her up on snap @julia.meyer

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