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    Does Your Personality Match Where You Live?

    Find your personality a home.

    Who is your ideal roommate?
    You've got an hour to kill...Which show are you watching?
    You're at a party, where would you be?
    How do you like to communicate?
    It's time for dinner, what do you do?
    • Grab a Slize Of Pizza
    • Order Take Out At Home
      The Spruce Eats
    • Table For Two, Please!
    • Group Dinner Out With Friends
    • Potluck
      Marriot International
    Which phrase best describes you?
    You're at Hub, where can we find you?
    Pick a school organization
    • Photography Club
    • Student Governement Association
    • Ping Pong Club
    • Theater Club
      Theater Club
    • Greek Life
    You're leaving Hub for the day, what couldn't you live without?
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