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14 Simply Amazing Facts About Pregnancy Everyone Should Know

Learn more about the growth you can't see and what you may experience in your pregnancy.

1. Doctors don't actually know what causes those wild pregnancy cravings.

2. That infamous "pregnancy glow" is a result of extra blood flow to the skin.

3. Near the 12th week of pregnancy, a baby's hands develop faster than their feet.

4. Also during that time, fingernails will start to sprout!

5. You can actually save the stem cell–rich umbilical cord blood!

6. And those very same stem cells from the umbilical cord may be used for potential medical needs down the line!

7. On average, about 250,000 new neurons form every minute when the brain is developing!

8. A fine coat of hair forms all over your baby's body during pregnancy.

9. A baby can pass its first bowel movement in utero!

10. Preterm birth affects about 1 in 10 babies born in the United States every year — that’s about 1,000 babies every day.

11. Preterm birth can be unexpected and may happen at any time.

12. For a time, a growing baby's skin is pretty much transparent!

13. Hot foods may cause you to feel sick more often.

14. Your baby is still developing in those last few weeks leading up to your due date!

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