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This Is The Most Kick-Ass Old Spice Ad Yet

Isaiah Mustafa can get the hell off his horse now, because the muscle-activated drum and percussion kit of Terry Crews is interactive brilliance.

As a rock drummer since the age of six, I strongly approve of this message.

I never liked the Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice ads. I thought they were massively overrated.

But this, this is inspired.

Crews uses his pumpin' pecs, twitching biceps, etc. to bang out an awesome tune I'm going to dub "MUSCLE."


This is the first time Old Spice has worked with Vimeo on a campaign. Vimeo was the only platform that could make this experience possible, according to a Wieden & Kennedy spokesperson.

After watching, you can use your keyboard to turn Crews into a muscle puppet, recording your own piece, and then sharing it.

Don't waste time crafting an overture; Crews starts yelling at you if you linger for too long.

That set-up is a marvel to look at.