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The Seven Best Zoo Ads

Again, we separate the wheat from the chaff, and bring you the top of the food chain of zoo ads.


Bus wrap for the Copenhagen Zoo. Yes, it's real, not Photoshopped. This makes me want to go to the zoo, which makes it a good ad. It's that simple. Ad Agency: Bates Y&R.


I can't imagine a better ad for a bug zoo. Ad agency: Rethink.


Look at the cute little troglodytes. Campaign for a dinosaur exhibit at the Calgary Zoo. Ad agency: Trigger Communications.


I almost didn't include this ad, part of a campaign for the Zoo Safari in Sao Paulo, because of the copy. The only words needed on the ad are "drive through" and the logo. Copywriters — always ruining ads, right, art directors? Ad agency: DDB Brazil.


The best ad ever for an anteater. For the Cologne Zoo. Ad agency: Preuss Und Preuss, Berlin.


Colorforms-like outdoor summer advertising campaign by Amsterdam zoo Artis. Locals were invited to remove these animal stickers — promoting a "baby boom" of newborn animals at the zoo — and spread the word around the city. Lots of fun for kids. Here's a video about the stunt. Ad agency: Dawn.


The best ad of a campaign (the other two executions are a lion and a giraffe) for the Buenos Aires Zoo. Makes me want to go to the zoo, and reminds what a bargain the experience is. Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi.

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