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The Best Pet Adoption Ads

If you love dogs and/or cats, you'll love this. 15 ads.

1. Kristin Bauer van Straten for No Kill Los Angeles.

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Ad agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day.

2. Toronto Humane Society.

3. Thai SPCA "Know what it's like to be worshipped. Adopt a dog" Second ad below.


5. Funny infomercial style spot for Tenth Life Cats. "Extra sticky poop..."

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Produced by: Webster University student project.

6. For BETA Lebanon. "You won't come home to this."

7. Animal Humane Society.

8. Very dark humor via Italy: "A dog loves you whoever you are." For AmiciCani. Second ad below.

9. Good boy.

10. Two public interest ads via the city of São Paulo. "A pet can change your life."

11. Adorable 3-D outdoor posters via the Humane Society of Greenville, South Carolina.

12. And, the best pet adoption ad ever created, for L.A. Animal Services.

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