The 12 Most Insane Animal Ads

Some are Good Insane. Some are just…Insane.

Hello Web explorers, and welcome to the Dr. Moreau School of Digital Art Direction.
As we travel to the bottom of the page, you will see some phucking phreakish Photoshop work.


First up: a tabby croissant for Lifebuoy hand wash. “You eat what you touch.” Meaning, I guess, pet your cat, eat your cat. I don’t want to look at a dead cat in any ad, thank you very much. Below, a second ad from the campaign featuring a dead hamster muffin. Ad agency: Lowe Jakarta.


This is some cool digital work by Antwerp ad agency Germaine for the World Wildlife Fund. And I, for one, would welcome this transformation into a half-fish.


BALD BEAVER and BALD COCK for the Queen Bee Waxing salon in Culver City, California. Questions? Ad agency: Hanlon.


The product is Fenistil anti-itch gel. In case you missed it, the gel is forming the solution to the woman’s skin problem. Like a genie out of a lamp, a gel dog has appeared to scare aware the woman’s scratching cats. So, this insanity actually, sorta, makes sense! Ad agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Switzerland.


Skin your pet alive with the Bissell pet vacuum attachment!
Ad agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain.


Facsimiles of farm animal cadavers have been Playmate®-posed to sell meat seasoning. Not surprisingly, the ads are via creepy Thailand, by DDB Bangkok.


This insane campaign via DDB Istanbul is for Witte Molen bird food.
The body copy reads: “Our newly enriched formula with millet branch. So delicious, you may see new signs of loyalty.”
And you may see YOUR BIRD GROW A DOG HEAD.


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