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Lizzy Jagger Nude Atop A Dead Tuna

The oldest daughter of Mick and Jerry is the latest celebrity to join the Fishlove cause to protest unsustainable fishing.

From the Fishlove website:

‘Fishlove’ is an ongoing photographic project that invites well-known personalities across the globe to make a bold stand to stop over-fishing. Scientists predict that all marine life will effectively disappear from our oceans by the middle of this century if nothing is done about over-fishing.
All the fish taken in these photographs have been kindly donated by Waitrose, and have been caught sustainably according to the company’s impeccable environmental policy.
Fishlove was set up in 2009 by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Brighton’s Japanese restaurant, MOSHIMO, and the actress Greta Scacchi to help promote End of the Line.

See the celebrity gallery here, which includes Scacchi and Terry Gilliam.